Digital Marketing: A Facelift For Cosmetic Surgeons

4 min read

A doctor who is a specialist in any field needs a digital presence to connect with new and old patients and at the same time build an online presence too. We are living in such an era where our online presence matters a lot. Before visiting, the patient researches about you and your previous work.
A digital marketing platform is something that will help a cosmetic surgeon in strategizing for social media, local SEO, and content marketing. Some of you might be using these techniques but you need to have full-fledged strategies in order to be successful. Here are some marketing ideas that will allow cosmetic surgeons to increase the market share and get new patients through internet searches:

  1. Most of the patients who want to undergo cosmetic surgery will search for the treatments online

There are ample of potential new patients who are searching for various types of cosmetic surgery treatments online. You can capture business from them if you are highly visible on the search engines. Here are a few statistics that you want to refer to:

  1. There are 72% of adults who look online for health information and 77% of the patients who book their appointments use a search engine before they book an appointment. (source: HealthWorksCollective)
  2. 8 out of 10 online queries regarding health start on search engines like Google. (source: PewResearchCenter)
  3. There are 57% patients of plastic surgery that look for information online regarding plastic surgeries. (source: ModernAesthetics)
  4. The cosmetic surgery is not a referral drive but a review drive

Cosmetic surgery is one such thing that cannot be referred to. Its effect can be seen. People would believe in the actual reviews shared by the ones who have undergone some or the other cosmetic surgery. With a lot of people searching for the reviews it shows that your online reputation matters a lot.

  1. The patients of plastic surgery would like to have detailed information

Internet marketing helps you in providing some detailed information regarding the various surgeries. Getting a plastic surgery is one of the biggest decisions anyone can have and most of the patients would like to read about the detailed treatment that they would be undergoing. They would even like to watch some videos before they settle on their decision. By becoming one of the most reputable source of information available online for the plastic surgery treatments, by building this trust you can book the appointments.

  1. Marketing yourself online is important for branding

Online marketing is used to build a trust amongst your patients. You need to build your healthcare brand. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind while communicating on the website, as these things will help your patients to build your brand:

  1. Having a good reputation which matters a lot to most of the patients
  2. Accepting a healthcare plan from the patient
  3. Can be recommended by another doctor from the same or different field
  4. Make use of the latest technology
  5. Digital marketing for plastic surgery reaches the high-converting mobile patients

Digital marketing for a plastic surgeon practitioner will allow you to reach the high end of converting mobile patients. Being a plastic surgeon you are bound to get appointments from the website. You need to have a website that is mobile compatible so that you don’t lose on to your patients.
Digital marketing is one of the best ways for increasing your traffic on the website for connecting with more patients. If you’re a cosmetic surgeon and you need digital marketing strategies, feel free to contact IKF today – the top & trusted digital marketing agency in India having an illustrious experience of 19 years.