Digital Marketing: Expanding Horizon for the Travel Industry

Digital marketing, particularly social marketing strategies help small business owners to contend with large corporate. This was not possible in past decades owing to short-comings of traditional broadcasting system. Digital marketing is very important for small businesses as it offers them the opportunity to establish more engaging communication channels with its customers at a considerably reduced expenditure. Small businesses are finding huge benefits in modern marketing, particularly in the social and digital marketing fields, where there is a high possibility to consider and adopt a fool-proof marketing strategy.
Among the SMBs that benefit from digital marketing, travel industry is a prominent one. In today’s fast moving world, people want everything at their fingertips. Those planning their holiday tour or a business trip search for the required information on the web.
Online marketing might not require the degree of finesse, but it definitely requires a comprehensive knowledge of the targeted audience, a constant, long-standing dedication, and a spark of creativity to stand out in the growingly competitive market. Most of the times, online research begins with entering a search query in search engines. According to studies, approximately 80% of people turn to search engines while deciding upon a destination to visit.
As per the recent TripAdvisor survey, it was observed that 92% of UK travelers have the same opinion as “reviews are essential when booking a holiday”. By this it means that bad reviews should be handled very delicately and complaints of consumers should be addressed with the chief thought and utmost priority. Going the extra mile for clientele could really pay for itself if it means that the restaurant gets an excellent review that could end up attracting more traffic resulting in more leads than a costly advertising campaign.
Big data and analytics play a very important job in delivering a more professional and personalized travel experience with benefits to both travel companies as well as travelers alike. So travel companies should be focusing their data efforts in two major areas, namely, improving internal operations and enhancing customer experience.
Acting as the heart of marketing strategy and hub of all the online activity, a travel website must always provide exceptional content, ample of visual material and a mobile-friendly design for people to access and use it easily while they’re on the go. Principally in the case of travel businesses, maintaining an updated blog having value-adding content, like travel advice, is highly advisable.
Nevertheless, travel vertical is natural fit for digital marketing. Want to learn how can digital marketing help you bring in more traffic? Get in touch with us now.