Making a Luxurious Change with Digital Marketing

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Automobile is such an industry which keeps on upgrading itself with time. There was a time where the first car was fueled by hydrogen. The first petrol or gasoline automobile was invented by Karl Benz. It was common to own a car from the year 1920, the ‘Model T’ created by Henry Ford. Automobile was a luxury but now it’s like a necessity.


We can distribute the automobiles in different sections like economic and luxurious brands. Indian roads are mostly about the economic brand like Maruti Suzuki being one of the loving brand for Indian families. We even have brand like Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc which fall into the luxury section.

Both of them need different strategies for marketing their automobile but at the end it is to achieve their targets. Some of the purposes for using digital marketing are:

  1. Influencing the purchase path

It is obvious that marketing is used for selling the products. But it is also used to create awareness about your brand. It is also used to sell the new vehicle that you have launched. One of the biggest reason that the automobile industry is transforming to digital media is due to its higher presence of customers. It also gives an opportunity to build up the brand where the customers can include themselves in the upper funnel activities.

  1. Opinions matter a lot

Today the consumers have become smart because they read about the reviews online and then decide over any product that they want to purchase. This is the same with a vehicle. Consumers go online and search about the different automobiles that seem to impress them. Once they are convinced about it, they will go to the showroom and test drive it. The moment they are satisfied, only then will they purchase it.

  1. Cross- generational marketing

The automobile industry mostly attracts people from the age group of 16-76 years and beyond that too. They come from different genres so the choices and taste are all different and we need to act upon it in the same manner. The older generation is very difficult for convincing as they do not like to go digital, for them “Seeing is Believing”. It is very difficult to convince such people. On the other hand we have the tech savvy generation who has all the details with them even before they go to see the automobile. They are the smarter generation.

Considering the wide gamut of automobiles this industry takes complete advantage of every aspect of digital presence. It allows personalizing the audiences that the narrow scope of demographics may not allow. Most of the digital techniques can be used by the automotive industry so that they can give an high end experience to their consumers.

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