How B2B Companies Can Do Digital Marketing?

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Technology upgradations, channels, and strategies are constantly pushing B2B marketers to change the digital marketing metrics and evaluate them simultaneously.

According to a survey conducted by Salesforce in 2015, out of the 2,100 global B2B marketers assessed, majority stated, that their pressing business challenges are new business development, creating quality leads and lead generation.

In the age of big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, Internet of things and blockchain (an online ledger) taking on the marketing mainstream slowly but steadily, B2B marketers need to get better in the way they market themselves.

Here are seven crucial columns for B2B marketers, to build upon a perfect edifice for their marketing strategy:

  1. Build Assessable & Real Lead Generation Drives
    Majority marketers claim that lead generation is the #1 benefit out of a marketing automation tool. There are 11 times more B2B organisations with marketing automation as compared to early 2011. With tools like landing pages, forms, progressive profiling one can test the call-to-action, offers, headlines, colour scheme and your teaser copy performance.
  2. Filter Quality Leads & Nurture Them Through Campaigns
    A HubSpot statistic states that, 42% of B2B marketing professionals observe a lack of quality data as their biggest barrier to lead generation. Automated lead scoring and grading tools can streamline qualified leads even before they arrive at the sales department. Further on, Marketing Sherpa reports that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing being the primal cause. To counter this, create engaging & effective campaigns, posts with higher quality content, timing and relevancy to prospects.
  3. Resonate with Your Audience through Email Blasts
    More than 50% of B2B marketers will vouch on this traditional digital channel called email marketing even today. Marketers must build eye-catching email templates along with some appealing content targeted to the specific audience. Factors like images, CTA, subject lines, tracked URL links, etc. can be tested earlier and optimised for dispatch & receptiveness with new age automation.
  4. Build a Content Strategy Supportive of Your Business Goals
    Seth Godin, American Author & Marketer states,
    “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” To support this, the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) 2015 benchmark reveals 73% of B2B marketers initiate creating higher-quality content to build up their potential in the market space. A powerful strategy drives profitable customer action. Popular platforms for content boosting are blogs, white papers, case studies, customer testimonials, video content, graphics, infographics, webinars & podcasts. 
  5. Frame Webinars & Event Marketing Strategies
    Currently, 91% of B2B marketers invest in event marketing, reports Regalix. You could be organising a conference, webinar, virtual trade show, leadership development or entrepreneur workshop, event promotion on digital platforms is the key here! It not only accelerates lead generation but also showcases thought leadership and shapes productive connection with current and future prospects.
  6. Stay Active & Analytical with Social Media initiatives
    B2B marketers can hardly afford to waste their time and money on the bygone traditional modes of marketing, when millions and billions of people are consuming social media content each day. Pick your platforms carefully and remain active by strategizing, increasing a following, investing in ads, encourage your employees to share professional posts, join communities to strengthen your image and use analytical tools to observe a performance trend. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp & LinkedIn are major key digital players to stay high up.
  7. Get Better at ROI Tracking Mechanisms
    Predictive Analytics is an automation tool that can boost your marketing return on investment (ROI) through targeted campaigns. Thus, reduces operational costs and helps in giving potent results. By executing PA, companies can precisely assess the current state of their business, optimize their operations, and compete efficiently. Besides this, various automation devised campaign tracking mechanisms are some of the valuable ROI metrics to rely on.

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