Why is Digital Marketing Crucial for Healthcare Industry

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digital-marketing-for-healthcare-industryOver the past few years, digital marketing has been playing a vital role in all industries and healthcare industry is not an exception to this. Earlier it was possible to do a good business by opting for traditional methods. But today, digital marketing has become an indispensable part of marketing strategies adopted by various companies. The main reason for this being the increasing number of people who look for different solutions over the internet. Thus, by ignoring digital marketing, healthcare industry can find itself affected badly.

Hence, healthcare industry is turning to mobile, social, and search marketing technique as it has a capability to reach the rising number of customers who search for health-care information online. As rightly said by John Weston (CMO at Mayo Clinic), “The consumer-to-patient journey is largely a digital journey at their moment of need”. He also said, “If I were diagnosed with something tomorrow, one of the first things I would do is go online.”
According to a survey, 80% physicians use browsers, like Google and Yahoo!, in the diagnosis, therapy and ongoing concern of patients.

As it reaches and engages today’s tech-savvy physicians and patients, digital marketing is essential and recommended for medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, hospitals or other companies in the healthcare industry.

Here are some reasons why digital marketing is crucial for healthcare industry:

Mobile marketing:

It has been observed that, a considerable number of people connect to the web from their different mobile devices.These people not just expect information, but also a good user experience with you online from their mobile device; and this is called mobile marketing. It is a well proven fact that a bad user experience will make you lose your customers.

Social media marketing:

People are not only becoming active online, but they are also becoming active on different social media sites. Today, social media is similar to “viva voce” (person to person promotion), and is very crucial, particularly for healthcare sector. It goes without saying that social media is a powerful and influential marketing channel.Thus, having a good reputation on this marketing channel is very crucial.

Search engine marketing:

As said earlier, the number of people looking for an answer to their problems on internet has increased and this trend will continue to grow, with the course of time. Organizations that implement search engine marketing, including ad campaigns and SEO, will achieve higher visibility as compared to those who don’t.Since hospitals take a more targeted approach, search-engine marketing is becoming more important.
To make things more clear, let us have a look at some of the top platforms that healthcare marketers are using to distribute content In USA.

Healthcare – 75%, Other Industries – 82%

Healthcare – 70%, Other Industries – 78%

Healthcare – 23%, Other Industries – 39%

Healthcare – 54%, Other Industries – 74%

Healthcare – 71%, Other Industries – 63%

Healthcare – 22%, Other Industries – 22%

Digital marketing technologies provide the most valuable means for the healthcare industry in order to modernize. Nowadays, hospitals are competing for patients on the basis of both quality of care and costs. Thus, with the changing hospital ecosystem, Chief Marketing Officers must move to digital marketing and stop sticking to the old techniques of marketing.

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