Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

digital marketing trends 2017
Digital marketing is now open and available to every large and medium-sized businesses who are creating their online presence and promoting their services and products through social media channels and web sites.
Do you know what shall be booming in 2017?? No, well then you should read this article to know it.
Number of marketers, number of talks. Some say with more companies coming in the digital marketing gamut shall expand. Rest say it will undergo a complete makeover as per the user preference & quality of content.
Digital Marketing as an Industry is quite dynamic, compound & uncertain. Everyone needs to strike the right chord in-order to get a successful campaign
Let’s make things simple and I shall list down the topics which you should focus in 2017. This list is compiled from various digital marketing trends of 2017 that one should focus on.
1. Video Ads
Video Advertisement is something that shall be booming in 2017. YouTube & Facebook video ads is nothing new for advertisers but with Google testing video ads in search results, now this has to change the game forever.
Also there is huge consumption of videos in country with internet coming as low cost. #RelianceJio
2. Mobile Mobile Mobile
We have recently seen how Google started giving priority to mobile optimized websites. We don’t say that desktop is just going off, it still gives the best feel/experience to view a website but at the same time there are huge amount of mobile users which are also growing continuously which needs to be addressed.
Mobile compatibility and mobile optimization should, therefore, be a top priority for digital marketers in the coming year.
3. Social Media – Lead Conversion Machine
Up till now we have seen social media as a platform to publish, promote & generate leads but with Facebook optimizing its platform to be more user centric. Now social media shall not only generate leads but also improve conversion rates.
4. Smart devices.
In the past years, we have seen the Google Glass Apple iWatch, Moto 360, and other similar smart devices that can keep you connected with the digital world.
The year 2017 shall be loaded with more of such devices in wearable technology. Snapchat has already introduced Snapchat Spectacles which shall be something to watch up to.
5. Content will be the key.
King will always be the King : Content. It shall remain an essential part of any online marketing campaigns. Writing unique and engaging content shall be the key for success of any online marketing campaign. Also, we can’t ignore the content for niche categories & there need.
There shall be lot many trends & strategies which can trend in coming year & IKF shall try to serve the client base with all of those possible.
So if you are expecting result based online marketing campaigns then reach out to us now. Let’s connect & see how can we help your business grow in 2017.