Why Digital Marketing Scores Over Traditional Especially After the COVID-19

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Coronavirus, a pandemic that has gripped the world has also driven it into a state of economic chaos. According to a report by a search engine marketing company in India, the retail sales in China for the first quarter have dropped by 18% while in America, 1 out of every 5 eatery has had a permanent shut down. In India too, things are not different. These are alarming examples of financial losses due to voluntary shutting down of businesses overnight. Many businesses that operate on the basic premise of customer interaction are affected by social distancing. This is why, digital marketing is taking precedence as compared to traditional marketing. The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium through which a marketing message is sent across to the audience.

While traditional marketing uses traditional media like magazines and newspapers, digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media or websites. While traditional marketing still plays an important role in people’s lives, digital has taken over heavily as everything shifted online post the lockdown. Here’s an article by IKF - the leading Digital Marketing Company in India - explaining why digital marketing is not just booming but is becoming essential to survive.

how pandemic changed marketing strategies

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Is it a bad time for Marketing?

The world today is experiencing a shift towards alternative methods of communication, shopping and services. For instance, service based businesses such as gyms are resorting to online fitness classes and people have accepted this change with ease. This is a clear indication that capitalizing your digital presence over traditional will be a crucial strategy to counter the impact of COVID-19. Industries which have borne heavy impact are the tourism, international trade, and transport. To offset their losses, many companies belonging to these sectors have started laying off employees, reducing their salaries and pausing their marketing in an attempt to curb spending. However, history says that these instant cuts have often resulted in long term losses. This can’t be more true than in the case of marketing. When you cut down on the marketing expense, your visibility shrinks and so does your hard earned brand awareness resulting in loss of customers. Add to this, bigger brands have finances in place to fill this gap and easily lure off your lost customers. To summarize, drastic cuts on areas like marketing are likely to drown your demand to the point you may struggle to save it from the upcoming recession entirely. Instead, the best way is to look for cost effective marketing methods such as opting for SEO services in Pune, which can be much cheaper than traditional marketing. Print media has lost a significant share of their appeal which has been claimed by social media marketing, thanks to lower cost (a fraction of print) and higher impressions. You may want to invest more in email marketing, the creation of newsletters and frequently updated content, and keep your social media pages active. Internet usage is expected to rise even more, presenting an opportunity to devise a h3 marketing strategy. You can do this by providing weekly webinars sharing your expertise on internet for free.

If everyone is online, why isn’t my organic traffic growing?

Checking your traffic now may not be according to your expectation but that’s because an increase in online usage does not mean they will check each and every website. It rather means, they will be spending more time on things they used to spend their time on such as social media, video calls, messaging and other modes of entertainment. So rather than competing with these giants, you need to ride on them. According to IKF - the social media marketing services in India - Investing in marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can significantly improve your conversion rate. A few other complementary steps that you can take includes creating relevant SEO content, running promotional Social media campaigns, using Zoom, Instagram and WhatsApp Video calling features to connect with your customers, conduct online competitions to keep customers hooked to your channel!

Adjusting to a new way of life

Until we are able to invent a vaccine against COVID-19, things are pretty much going to be the same and the lockdown situation will practically exist for months on end. The best way forward is not retracting your wings but to ride with this new wind!

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