How Your Domain Name Impacts Search Result?

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You are super excited about keeping your domain name.  But hang on. Give it a little thought. Because if you choose the wrong website name in a hurry, you could be digging your own grave. It has been proved that domain names do impact SEO. But the question is how? Is there a correct procedure to follow while going for a domain name? Let’s find out.

SEO (search engine optimization) newbies might be tempted to keep an ‘exact match’ domain.

An exact match domain is the one having a keyword phrase in the name itself. It is also known as a keyword domain. On the face of it, this strategy seems great. More keywords mean increased SEO right?


Back in 2012, Google suddenly noticed that many websites had keyword phrases in their names to boost SEO. Then Google did something radical. They dropped a bombshell called Exact Match Domain Update.

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The update crushed the rankings of domain websites to an all-time low.

Using your brand name as your domain name.

That’s the safest and the best way to register your brand in the minds of the consumer, as the bulk of your website traffic will come from someone searching for your website. Suppose your brand is crunch base then people searching might type in something like this:


crunch base

crunchy case

cruunch baas

crunched base

The search ‘crunched base’ yields the right site

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When it comes to queries, informational ones are more popular than navigational queries.

Apart from the fact that potential customers search like the example above, so they are likely to find your site when you have your brand name in it. But other than that too, there is another important reason why you should opt for your brand name as your domain name.

Brand signals.

Which is the name of your brand on the web, so that users find it? Today, due to an ever increasing spurt in brands, they are becoming crucial for improving your SEO. Brand signals in a way are broader as they also have a lot to do with PR of a company or brand.

Below are some pointers on how businesses build brand signals on the web.

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So you now know why domain names should contain your brand name – it will be the major factor in having a high ranking website.

It is expert knowledge that brand name is more important than domain name, though ideally; domain name should be the brand name or closely related to it.

For example, contently – the content marketing company made up a word close to their core business – that is marketing content.

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It is better if you choose a .com extension.

The extension or TLD (Top Level Domain) matters a lot. Of course, you might have a good reason to choose another TLD like .biz or for instance, but you need to really brainstorm before finalizing.

The .com TLD is the safest and simplest as it is the most used and searched. Some top quality TLD’s including country extensions like .co. uk.

So what are the guiding factors that dictate the best domain name?

Here’s a quick rundown on what to remember when thinking of a domain name for your business

  • Avoid numbers: Numbers can be misleading. For example, could also be
  • Refrain from misspelling words intentionally: Usually people are bad with spellings. So it’s no use confusing them more.
  • Combining two or three words to form a single word is good: Just make sure that the combined word is not misinterpreted.
  • Avoid hyphens: It can be misleading as to where the hyphen is to be used.
  • Short is good: Names longer than 15 characters are a big no no.

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