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Dynamic Web Design Services
Make Your Web Design More Impactful With Right Use Of Images. Visual presentation of your website is an integral part of the web appeal. The importance of visual representation has only grown over the years. Today’s Y generation prefers graphic-based communication over text-based. This skewing towards visuals is well-supported too. According to various studies 80% people remember what they see than what they read. Hence, this is proven that if you use your images judiciously on your website, you have better chances of getting your message to the target audience. Even the most complex messages can be conveyed in the blink of an eye. For instance, the visuals of a hotel room instantly give the visitor an idea of the room décor and some of its amenities without the need of scanning through the entire descriptions. As a digital marketing and web design company in Pune, we look at web images as a great opportunity for a business to engage and influence its audience. How images can benefit your website presence? It helps bring your product to life and improves chances of sales by highlighting your brand. It ensures more clicks and views by attracting attention of the visitors and offering vital info in a digestible way. Images when accompanied with caption or description with relevant keywords can help you attain higher search engine ranking too. So, how do you use images in your web design to get maximum advantage? Ace originality with authentic images. If you want to build a strong communication between your visitors and your brand, you must be able to create a powerful impression. This can be achieved by using captivating and authentic images. Depending upon your site requirement, you may need different images for every page, subpage and even a post. Make sure to opt for authentic images that are customized to meet your specific requirements. Avoid using overused stock images, images that lack quality, and filler images. Instead, go for high-quality original pictures that represent actual places, objects, or beings. Infographics too, are ‘good to-go’ options. When you design your site, don’t just focus on using images. While pics are great for enhancing the experience on your website, you can also try some infographics. Highly preferred by businesses, these are visual elements that showcase facts, statistics, and other important information in an intriguing way that’s provokes interest. Master the art of cropping and scaling. Do you know that fully-responsive websites can create havoc with images if you fail to cater to different screen formats and aspect ratios? Hence, once sure about your image selection, use appropriate tools for cropping and scaling the images that perfectly match with your web requirements. Now, that calls for a careful balancing act. As a web design company in Mumbai, we suggest cropping and scaling on images such that it draws the user's attention to the central focus of the graphic while ruling out too much unnecessary dead space. Make use of captions. Captions matter a lot and hence must be given due attention. Adding a caption to or inserting the caption within the photo enhances the value of the posted image. A clear and powerful caption makes the context of the image compressible and takes the users closer to your point. Take away. There are multiple ways to enhance the user experience of a website and images are one of the most effective ones when it comes to web designing. We all love images. So, even if your web design is excellent but it lacks suitable visuals it can turn to be dull and drab. If you want to have an outstanding website that attracts, engages and triggers response from the user, then make sure to use meaningful and optimized images for web design. The above mentioned suggestions are just tip of the iceberg, for more ideas on web designing contact IKF – the trusted web design company in India. Our expert team has the knack of making websites more interesting and engaging through effective images. A full-service digital marketing company in Pune, we specialize in customized web designs. So, wait no longer, call us today for a free consultation session and experience the pleasure of working with thorough professionals.

It's a no-brainer that web presence is now an essential requirement for businesses to survive, sustain and grow. Entrepreneurs who look for better opportunities and plan to generate more business and establish strong credibility depend heavily on a well-designed website. Just as an eye is a window to the soul, a website is a window to the business, giving customers a taste of what you have to offer and alluring them to delve deeper.


IKF – I Knowledge Factory is a reputed a web development agency in Pune, helping scores of businesses forge ahead in their respective industries. With more than a decade of experience in web design and web development, we leverage our expertise to propel our client’s business growth.

If you’re an enterprising businessman who aspires to take your business to the next level, then as veterans of web designing we recommend you to opt for the best web design services.

What factors are critical in web designing? 

Offering specialized web design services in Pune, we make sure our clients' web design perfectly aligns with their business requirements. While charting out a web design roadmap for any business it must be borne in mind that both the aspects - aesthetic and functional are equally important and hence must be handled meticulously.

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For all the beginners who’re not clear about what a good web designing entails, here is a list –

  • Colorful imageries and interesting graphics are not enough to make your webpage intriguing. Correct presentation of the text also makes a lot of difference. Keep your typography visually attractive and readable for visitors; also give attention to tricky use of keywords, meta-data, and other SEO-centric components.
  • Building and maintaining consistency across all sections of your website is important for better engagement. Look for design elements that complement each other. Use your fonts, sizes, headings, sub-headings, and button styles judiciously throughout the website.
  • Considering the increased usage of smartphones, and tablets, it’s important to opt for web design that’s effective for various screens. If your website design doesn’t support all screen sizes, you’re most likely to lose the battle to your competitors. Hire a genuine web designing agency that helps you develop a smart website that is responsive and adaptive for all screen types.
  • Using color palette in the right manner can make your web page very captivating. Enhance users’ experience by selecting a complementary color palette and offer a balanced look to your website design. Don’t forget to use the white spaces wisely as they avoid your website from visual clutter and mess.
  • No one likes to visit a website that takes too much time to load. So take care of it by optimizing image sizes and combing code into a central CSS or JavaScript file as it lowers HTTP requests. Also, compress HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for faster loading.
  • Several reports confirm that websites with user-friendly navigation fetch better results than those with complicated ones. For effective navigation, consider creating a logical page hierarchy and designing clickable buttons. Go for the “three-click-rule” to ensure your visitors get the required information in not more than three clicks.
  • The ultimate goal of any visitor coming to your site is to get information, and if your website manages to provide that efficiently, you can win quality engagement. Tricks that may work in this respect include use of catchy headlines and sub-headlines, cutting the waffle and presenting text in the bullet points, rather than in long wordy sentences.

What does a professional Website Design Service Pack include?

When you engage with thorough professionals of top companies like the IKF – the reliable SEO web design services in Pune, you get the advantage of a holistic approach and industry expertise. They design websites that are easy to use, attractive and functional by capitalizing on business-appropriate keywords, attractive design elements; optimized Meta-tag and Alt tag, strategic linking and quality content.

In addition to these, many providers also offer services that further boost your business prospects. These include:

  • E-commerce web development
  • Search engine friendly website design
  • Brochure style web design
  • Online business consulting
  • Easy to use shopping cart design
  • Database driven websites
  • Logo design
  • Website maintenance
  • Macromedia Flash website design and more

Whether you’re a new establishment or a flourishing one, if you want to generate quality leads and enhance your business branding, then tie-up with the best web dev and web designing company. Try IKF services. The company offers what it promises – top-grade services at the most competitive rates. Champions in web dev, web designing and digital marketing, I Knowledge Factory is the ideal destination for meeting your online business branding needs.

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