What Digital Marketers Can Do To Popularise E-commerce Websites

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There’s something attractive about things that are tailored. Think bespoke suit, concierge service or personalized chocolates – knowing that something was crafted specifically to fit your preferences makes it so appealing, doesn’t it? The same goes with digital marketing. The more specific and precise you get with the available platforms, the more attractive you become to your target audience.
Here are some digital marketing tips to get your e-commerce website stand out from the pack.
Get your mojo with social media
Nothing will effectively catapult you into your client’s attention more than a well-defined and properly targeted social media marketing strategy. Having said that, before you dive headlong into the world of social media to peddle your wares, you need to be familiar with the nature of different social platforms and ask yourself if it’ll help you accomplish your business goals.
The trick is in having the right mix of social media and parlaying the unique features of each channel. For example, if you want to target teenagers then Snapchat and Instagram are a must for you because that’s where your target audience spends most of its time on. Going for an outlet like LinkedIn, in this case, will not be beneficial, simply for the reason that LinkedIn was built for developing strictly professional relationships.
You need to know what media outlets will work for you. Once you figure that out, driving your followers to your ecommerce website using these outlets is just a breeze. Say, you are a fashion brand like one of our clients Diva Abaya Couture, then platforms like Facebook and Instagram with their hugeous following, are important to you because of the wide targeting terrain they offer.
Turn your ecommerce website into a ‘me-commerce’ oasis
As we said earlier, anything that is crafted around your needs, feels special; don’t we all like to be coddled? Of course! Your ecommerce website should be a bespoke experience for your shopper – right from the time he/she enters your website through to the cart. There are dozens of personalization tools that will help you chart out a customized itinerary to drive sales and boost brand engagement.
From behavioral data, predictive recommendations, visitor segmentation to contextual messaging, there are all sorts of tools that will help you master the art of personalization.
Videos are the new ‘ít’
Videos are massively popular for a lot of reasons. Firstly, using videos you can cover more base in a shorter span of time. Secondly, search engines have a penchant for websites that produce video content, and thirdly, the video consumption rate is mushrooming with each coming day, and we see no reason for you to not jump on the bandwagon!
Your shoppers are likely to spend more time browsing your ecommerce website if it has videos/video ads like we have for one of our clients – SRC Health. This means high customer engagement and sales conversion.
Video optimization is as crucial to your ecommerce website as content optimization. A strong YouTube presence can make elephantine difference to your brand. Create engaging and shareable videos, optimize it and train it to the right kind of people.
A/B testing
There are times when we find ourselves caught in the fork of the road. We have two choices before us but we don’t know which ball to pick up and run with it. However, in the digital world, with A/B testing/split testing, you can know which choice out of two is going to be successful for your ecommerce website.
A/B testing essentially enables you to determine which of the two versions of your webpage will work well. Using A/B testing, you can winnow down to the most workable elements of a promotion and use to supercharge your marketing strategy.
Make and reveal the inimitable ‘YOU’
Your ecommerce site is your baby and like all parents you must think its one-of-its-kind in the whole wide world and that’s absolutely normal and adorable. But if you really want your baby to stand out from the pack, then you must have a robust and compelling content strategy that is in keeping with the personality of your brand. For this, ensure that you have a content manual in place that your writers can refer to in order to create content that communicates your voice.
Likewise, you can also focus the spotlight on your writers – the people who work behind the scenes to make you look good out in front. Visitors dig that and plus it’s a great personalization strategy for you.
Keep interacting with your visitors
At no point should your visitors feel that there’s no one around to attend to them. In your brick and mortar store, if a customer walked through the front door you’d obviously talk to them to understand what they are looking for to help them. The same goes for your virtual store. When on your ecommerce website, be with your visitors through the live chat module. If you are on social platforms, ensure that you have a team that answers to the comments people post.
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