Make a Customer, Not a Sale (2020)

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For business entrepreneurs or key employees dealing directly or indirectly with customers, it is always testing to keep clients satisfied with the kind of services you provide. Especially with web sites service, it will surely crush your business if you screw it up.
Within minutes millions of your prospective customers can see your company’s bad reviews. On the other hand, positive reviews would definitely foster your organization’s revenues and with the back-up of loyal customers, it ultimately grows your business.
Hence, the effect of customer service is very critical variable to the organizational profitability measurement. IKF – one of the most trusted for digital marketing services in India brings to you the key elements every organization should adhere to and implement if you do not wish to lose your valuable customers.



1. Be aware of these things every customer expects from you

a) Customer wants to be heard

When it comes to your customer service, their psychology plays a key role in how they perceive your business. Your customers want to be heard all the time, especially when they are concerned about your product or service. When they express, let them complete what they want to say, read in between the lines and then ask relevant questions if you have any, reconfirm your customer’s concerns so as to avoid any miss-communication in future

b) Your clients want to be cared of

Customers need to feel important. They want to see the efforts being made. They would surely appreciate the initiatives you and your staff have taken or taking to solve their issues and accommodate their request regardless if they can accommodate them or not depending on the company’s policies.


It’s very important to know that customer interaction is a crucial part of sales lead generation. As it can either make or break your sale and turning point to construe whether or not your customer going to show up again. Follow these simple rules to make a long-lasting impression on your client.


a) Smiles are contagious. When you’re greeted by a smiling representative, your first instinct to smile back.
For example: In Aviation Industry, whenever you get on the board, you will always find the attendants smiling and greeting you. Irrespective of the Time, Situation or hectic schedule they will always connect with you through the smile. Smile and greeting would make all the difference in the world.

b) Next, ensure you are making eye contact with the customer. Eye contact shows that you’re ready to engage them and ready to help them. In some way, it proves you care about their opinions.

c) Compliment the client sincerely whenever and wherever it is necessary. A compliment can be is a positive remark, a word of encouragement, or a sincere acknowledgment. Nevertheless, if delivered improperly the same can backfire you. So be careful while complimenting when there is no need.

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3. Empathize with your customers

When your client is facing any professional or personal life issues, empathize with them. Ensure to tell them that you understand how you feel, where you’re coming from. This acceptance will definitely allow them to let down their guard and be open with you. Although you cannot deliver the exact outcome or solution what they’re looking for but by empathizing with them and their problem they’re most likely to accept a reasonable solution and that’s best for the team involved.

4. Create solutions for your client’s issues and compliance

Consult your company policies, invoices; take a look at the customer’s history, whenever you need to come up with a concrete solution.  Many times you have to get creative and do things that you may not have thought of before or have not done before.  If your client is very much dissatisfied with your service and there are no slightest chances to come up with a solid solution then all you can do is to refund the funds paid by them, if any. However, such incidences should not happen on a frequent basis, in such case you might want to conduct customer service/relation training in the company and turn over the whole approach towards the customers.

5. Clarify the situation with the client

You need to make sure that the customer is a hundred percent satisfied once their issue has been resolved. Review the remedies with them time again and again until you both are on the same page.

6. Follow up with all your customers

You want to make sure each of your customers had a great experience with the kind of service your company has provided. Your brand’s reputation depends on it and ultimately affects future business. After-sales service is as equally important as serving the client. We need to make sure that we are interacting with them on a regular basis as it is good for business reputation, expansion through referral business. Call asking them one or two questions about the experience which they had while working with you or you can send an email thanking them for their business or wishing them on their important days, like birthday, anniversaries, etc.
Therefore, we should keep in mind if customers receive good service ‘this time, next time, every time’; they are more likely to come back again and not to mention with more business opportunities.
If you found this article helpful and you wish to know some more concrete steps that along with the steps mentioned above would catapult your company to success, contact IKF. IKF is the most preferred digital marketing company in Mumbai providing website development and SEO, SMM services to passionate clients.