Evolving SEO Trends in 2021

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As we head into a new year, leaving behind the blues of the previous year, there's a lot to learn and adapt to. The uncertainties and perils of pandemic time challenged the marketers like never before. Having a greater strategic visibility is the need of the hour.

If you want to survive and thrive in the market, you must be prepared to attune to the ever-transforming digital landscape. Scrutinize and align your market goals, performance metrics, and KPIs to the evolving environment.

Leading a top-tier seo agency in Pune and Mumbai, the IKF - I Knowledge Factory, I, Ashish Dalia would like to guide you through some of the evolving SEO trends to help you stay in tandem with the market prospects.

Peeking through the SEO trends in 2021

User Experience will remain the focal point of SEO: User Experience is not merely a buzzword. It’s becoming a central ranking factor for search algorithms. If you want to fortify your online presence, make sure that your websites are up to par from a UX perspective. This calls for a greater emphasis on off-page and technical SEO strategies. As predicted by the market veterans the so-called UX signals aren’t going anywhere and hence, you need to do a couple of core things to rank well. This includes working upon loading time, navigation, interactivity, and accessibility across all devices and platforms. An experienced website development company in Pune, I Knowledge Factory, can help your website on improving these factors, which will lead to a better brand visibility

Note : Based on the latest updates from Google,it can be concluded that sites offering good user experience will be rewarded with better search visibility.

Semantic Search will be more prominent: As more and more people are using different devices and different ways of questioning, semantic search will play a critical role in the coming years. How search engines will use the myriad data (including grammatically incorrect and seemingly random search queries) to retrieve the most relevant content will be an interesting development to note.

Optimizing your content for semantic search should be an important part of your SEO strategy. As you plan, execute, and update your content for 2021, you must emphasise on some key questions like:

  • How and why do your users search for your content?
  • What answers, information, content or even experience are your target audiences looking for?
  • How can you build authoritative, enriching content to meet the demands of these prospects, customers and clients?

Search Intent requirements will refine further: In 2019, Google rolled out its BERT update dedicated to “understanding” peoples’ searches . Being a part of an established digital marketing company in Pune, I firmly believe that in 2021, the marketers who will understand and address their audience’s search intent and questions will potentially witness significant lift in organic search rankings. You need to optimize content around the four core “intents”- getting information, making a purchase, shopping & comparing products; getting to a certain website or digital “place.”

To learn more about types and importance of search intent click the link below:


Zero click searches will continue to evolve: Being featured as a zero-click search result in the SERP is a significant achievement as it means Google has selected the content over thousands of other webpages. As of 2019, zero-click searches account for more than 50% of all Google searches. This shows that Google is getting better with offering exactly what their users need on a single SERP page(through featured snippets, knowledge graphs, and video carousels). So, gear up to build and optimize your content for zero-click search results without hurting SEO by:

  • Creating well-optimized video content and publishing it to YouTube
  • Preparing a verified, complete & frequently updated Google My Business listing for all of your locations
  • Creating schema for your FAQ, location info, and events

Local search Listings will play a larger role: While the internet is mostly considered to be global in nature, the fact is, most people use search engines to find localized goods and services. Hence, local SEO is crucial and it’s evolving. To ensure local search is part of your digital marketing strategy, keep your Google My Business listing updated. This is an essential requirement because Google My Business optimization can influence your local search results significantly . Remember, engagement & activity on a GMB listing are strong ranking signals, so the more complete and optimized your listing, the more likely your business is to show up in local searches.

The above list scratches the surface of what is actually unfolding in the SEO world. The days of simply optimizing keywords and meta titles are foregone. With SEO’s current trends, you have to adopt a holistic approach, encompassing everything from semantic usage to video SEO.

If you want to keep pace with the constantly changing market dynamics and stay on top of your place in the rankings, get right help.

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