Factors to Mind While Building a Mobile Responsive Website

Responsive websites by website development company in India

A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on. This should not even be an option when developing a website because certainly, mobile users are at par and ever-growing in number as compared to desktop users. It takes only a whim to unlock your phones and look up the faintest thought that traversed your mind, not so with the desktop unless you are right there in front of the screen. The small screen size, the less response time, and other psychological and physiological limitations make mobile responsive websites a different game altogether. IKF - a website development company in India presents to you this article on the elements that you should consider while developing a mobile responsive website.

Limit your Text and Images

Mobile content differs from the desktop in that there is much less space for the reader. Hence, it is advisable to keep your textual content minimal, background-color light, font easy to read and font size neither too big nor small, and use of lesser images. The idea is to reduce the navigation time from point A to point B and keep things accessible and easy. Most importantly, your CTA button should stand out easily with a button size proportionate to the fingertip. Nothing can be more annoying than trying to click a button that’s too small.

Responsive websites by website development company in Pune

Coming to images, while they look great on a desktop, a mobile device is not really meant to populate the website with images as it not only looks clumsy and struggling to gain enough focus, it also slows down the loading time. This may prompt the user to bounce back and try other links. There is, of course, an exception to this rule as images may form the core of many businesses. In that case, your website should be optimized to display images in a mobile format which is vertical. IKF is one of the leading website design company in pune skilled in content management.

Devise catchy headlines

Headlines are the first thing users view when they land on your website. If they are not powerful enough, they won’t be able to cut through. When you are few on words, make them impressive. Remember that with so many options available, users have become impatient and need to know instantly whether you are good enough for them. Hence, keep your headlines witty & clear, and deliver your message in a concise manner. This way, you can hold the attention of users and convert them.

Be mindful of hand anatomy

Most humans are right-handed or at least hold their phones with the right hand. Hence, it only makes sense that most navigation menus are located in the top left corner, largely because they’re only needed occasionally when the user needs to navigate away to another section. Whereas you will observe that search buttons, which are more commonly used, appear in the top right corner. Additionally, If you have image links on the same line as text, those images should appear on the right-hand side, closest to the thumb. The same goes for CTA. If you keep these simple things in mind, it will give your website design an edge.

Make your website an extension of your brand

If your brand name is etched in certain fonts, try to use those same fonts along with other familiar fonts in your rest of the website text to portray the continuity of the brand and swell its influence. Also, the colors should be in congruence with your brand logo. This will also create a greater impact and may help your brand be better remembered.

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