5 Musts haves for a successful Pay Per Click Ad Campaign

3 min read

The idea of a pay per click advertising campaign is the most wise option wherein there’s no pilferage and you pay only when your ad gets clicked. Seldom it will happen that someone will search for something which he/she is not interested in and click the displayed ad just randomly.

As a company, here are 5 aspects which you may need to consider for a PPC Campaign.

  1. Keywords:

For search ads, keywords are the words or sentences which your potential customers will type for searching your products or services. Make sure that these keywords are adapted by your TG and have a considerable search volume on search engine.
Also one must know, those keywords against which you WON’T like to display your ad, these are the negative keywords. By placing certain keywords in negative keyword section your ad agency makes sure that you do not spend for keywords which do not relate to your business. These small factors showcases intellect of the agency you are working with.

  1. Bidding:

Bidding is the process of allocating rates to a keyword, generally the higher the bidding the chances of your ad appearing above other ads are higher. It is very important to select the keywords for high bid and low bid respectively. It also depends upon the quality score of your website or landing page. Most of the times it is wiser to bid high for specific keywords with good search volume.

  1. Ad Copy:

The ad copy is the most crucial factor which directly impacts the budget of the campaign and deciding factor on quality of leads. The perfect ad copy is one which directly relates with the searched keyword, have contact details mentioned, do not confuse, gives hint of commercials and influence user to click the ad.

  1. Banner Ads:

PPC also includes banner ads which are published on different websites of search engine display network. The banner ad must have a copy which completely describes and syncs with the image forming a perfect infographic. Once a decent banner is created it is essential to choose right fit of website categories where you want to place the ad.

  1. Website/Landing Page:

Once an ad is clicked the user can either be redirected to the website or a landing page. It is important to decide whether you want to redirect user to the website or there should be a separate landing page which should be designed for the product or service being advertised. If your website is cluttered with too much information to digest then go for ad specific landing page.
By adapting the 5 MUST HAVES mentioned above, you already start to dominate the PPC presence for your brand. Always remember “It is wiser to choose an agency which charges slightly higher but can effectively use media budget than agency which charges slightly less but don’t have capability to use the media budget optimally”.