Get the Best ROI from Your Emailer Campaigns

Email a general term which we all are aware of as we have been using it on daily basis for our personal as well as professional use. The email records and archives are the ones which are always available to help us out with information and communication that had taken place with clients, colleagues and friends. Apart from this they help us in serving a major rationale of business expansion and brand awareness through offers and information that have been exchanged from time to time.

The cognitive science behind the e-mailers stands out with following factors:

1) Awareness
Living in a digital era where you can send and receive messages within seconds. Your business ideologies can also be sent in a matter of time to a large amount of people.

2) RSS Feeds and Subscriptions
One of the most important things that will help you in growing your business is the customer base and a database that will consist the names and email ids of the customers. This will in turn help you to connect with them and send across messages.

3) Email marketing
This is a way of getting and attracting profit making and well wishers traffic to your business that will ultimately assist for your growth.

4) Tools like Mailchimp
Bulk mailing platforms like Mailchimp and Amazon have made life easier by adding the GUI dashboards that have proved to be beneficial for the email campaigns.

Here are some methods that will help you to create successful emailers which are responsive to support multiple supporting multiple devices and resolutions with different email clients :

  • The width of the emailer should not exceed 600px.
  • For creating responsive designs it should be created in a row format.
  • If you require complete support, non outlook and major email clients do not use an image as a background.
  • It’s good to have a separation between the images and text.
  • The width of the block for the image and the content can be of full width or a balance of 50%-50% or 30%-70%.
  • Try to use fewer amounts of graphics.
  • For an ideal fit the font size should not be greater than 35px.
  • Google fonts are the only one that are taken into consideration and those will only be loaded if and only if the user allows external files to load in their device.
  • Use web safe fonts.
  • Some clients may show some features especially border-radius.
  • The height of the images should not exceed 1735px otherwise it will be truncated in email clients like outlook.
  • A maximum of 4 blocks can be expected in good design.
  • Content and image should be separately treated and handled i.e. no inline image and text except for some bullet points or icons.
  • The design should be centrally aligned on mobile.
  • It will be tested on outlook and as a hack outlook will not take 5% of right hand design into consideration so there might be non-symmetry in the last 5%.
  • There are only tables in emailer so a designed border will not work i.e. a graphic border won’t work for responsive emailers.
  • Try to be specific with your content.
  • The content provider will have to concentrate upon content and image balance or result will be spam.
  • If read-more button is on image then that complete image will be clickable.
  • Focus should be on visibility of content and call of action (Graphics will be second priority).
  • There is no external CSS or JS in emailers.
  • Call of action should be centrally located.
  • Video is not recommended.

Following the above guidelines will help you in giving the best ROI. Connect with us for creating some creative emailers for your business on or talk to us on +91-888 886 6110.