Google’s July 2022 Product Reviews Update: What it has in Store?

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Google’s July 2022 Product Reviews Update: What it has in Store?

With its product review update of July 2022, Google has once again stirred up the season of SERP position fluctuations. Although not as widespread as earlier versions, the fresh rollout is still a watch-out thing for webmasters and SEO experts. The latest update aims to promote review sites with insightful and authentic content.

In a constant endeavour to provide online users the most meaningful and useful content, Google rolls out updates that reward sites with high quality content. The new product reviews update is just another step in this direction. It’s a part of the overall vision of the search engine leader to ensure that users get trustworthy and reliable information that guides them to make informed decisions.

Let’s Dive Deeper!

As per the Google July 2022 product review update, templated reviews drawn from already existing content on the manufacturer’s web will no longer hold much value. Although these have enjoyed top positions in Google searches in the past, this latest update is bound to change the scenario. Reiterating its stand on prioritizing quality content, Google confirms that only reviews based on tried and tested first hand-experiences will gain the upper hand.

The “focus overall is on providing users with content that provides insightful analysis and original research, content written by experts or enthusiasts who know the topic well.”
– Google

Google’s July 2022 Product Reviews Update: What it has in Store?

While the earlier Google updates have also stressed giving ranking boost to in-depth research reviews published by experts, the latest roll-out goes a step further by adding some new criteria, drawing closer to the EAT approach - Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Currently focused only on English language reviews, Google plans to open up product review support for more languages in the upcoming future.

What Kind of Reviews Fall Under Google’s Recommendation?

With its newest rollout, Google has laid down a set of preferences and recommendations for product reviews, which webmasters and SEO experts need to watch out for. Listed below are some of the major ones:

  • Detailed description or depiction of the product, including pros and cons and how it is different from its previous version.
  • First-hand information from people who have used or experienced the product, along with suitable evidence that shows what it looks like and how to use it.
  • Perspective of the reviewer about the product that’s beyond the information already provided by the manufacturer through visuals, audio, and links.
  • List of similar products and with reasons supporting from the reviewed product’s superiority over the rest.

The two best practices that Google has emphasised and deserves special mention are providing more multimedia around the product reviews and offering links to multiple sellers so that readers can make a purchase from merchants of their choice.

The Scope of Impact of the Google Update?

It’s not a core update that affects all search results. Only websites that publish product reviews are going to witness notable changes. If you own an eCommerce site where customers leave their reviews, you are not covered under this rollout as this doesn’t come within the realm of review article.

However, if your website specialises in product review content, it’s time to check your ranking trend to see how you are affected by the update. If it’s declining, then brace yourself up to work on your product review content. Improve your product review pages as per the Google’s guidelines to ensure it stands out from the competition and gains from quality user engagement.