Happiness Program: A Life-Altering Spiritual Journey!

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In life spiritualism is as important as materialism; I am a strong believer of this fact. I along with 8 of my colleagues decided to attend a 4-day course called ‘Happiness Program’ organized by the Art of Living Foundation which started on 28th June and lasted till 1st of July. The program was conducted by Shri Vishal Merani, an IITian who is currently serving as the secretary to Gurudev Shri Shri Ravishankar Ji and facilitated by Mrs. Sheetal Pungliya and inspired by Shri Shekhar Mundada. Before starting this course we were really curious to explore the depth of meditation and its impact on our life.

We had an amazing and mesmerizing experience and it really changed the way we looked at the current state of life. Listed below are some of the main concepts taught to us in the program that is really worth practicing in day-to-day life.

Setting your DNA right:

In the professional world, diversity is inevitable. People from varied caste, creed, and culture and education system tend to join our organization, so how do we link all of these people together as a team? This is where the concept of setting our organization’s DNA right comes into the picture. When we underwent such an enlightening journey together we learned, heard and transformed together!

Cleansing the inner body:

To clean our face we have soap, we use deodorant to avoid body odor, we brush our teeth to get rid of bad breath, but we had never thought of cleansing our inner body! This course helped us in cleansing our inner body course i.e. our soul of all the regressed stress and negativity. After this program, we all were like a clean slate and could successfully start our life all over again with a positive attitude.

Learn, unlearn & relearn:

In life, we may have learned a lot of things but this program taught us that the best way to learn is to unlearn and relearn again. I firmly believe that learning and upgrading is a continuous process. However, to learn we need to know how to unlearn and relearn. In this course, we were taught to unlearn everything that we had learned so far and relearn the stuff that is required and continue practicing the same. This has helped us in leading a happy & stress-free life as we have let go of all the negative aspects.

Realizing the power of breathing:

A man cannot live without breathing! People do not realize the importance of breathing, but what we need to know is that 90% of detoxification and curing of diseases happens through breathing. It controls all the vital organs of our body. It is one of the only processes in the body that happens subconsciously. During the ‘Happiness Program,’ we were taught about the power of breathing. We performed breathing exercises every day which helped us in unclogging our minds and relaxed our muscles. It seemed to be pretty difficult on the first day but it turned out to be extremely relaxing and rejuvenating as we continued with it.

The importance of Sudarshan Kriya:

Sudarshan Kriya is a distinct form of breathing exercise that establishes a link between all of the body’s senses. Performing Sudarshan Kriya on a regular basis has provided us with an unparalleled amount of strength and energy. It has helped us to perform the daily activities without stress and at the end of the day, we were still active and energetic. Sudarshan Kriya is all about breathing, holding and releasing breath at different paces. One important thing that we learned at this session was that we enter the world with the first breath and leave with the last breath. So the entire journey is about breathing in and out!

Learning to control your thoughts:

Language classes can help us learn how to speak a particular language, driving classes can teach us how to drive, cooking classes can teach us how to cook but we often wondered what if there was a class that taught us to control our mind and thoughts? The ‘Happiness Program’ by Art of Living Foundation helped us in achieving this. With their help, we were able to synchronize and monitor our thoughts.

Creating stronger bonds with your team:

A leader is made by his team; this statement has stood true for ages. I underwent this course along with my colleagues we experienced all the things at the same time and this helped us to become a spiritual family. We had known each other professionally for years but after this course, the bond grew stronger on personal as well as professional level. Since this course, we agree on things that we earlier used to argue about! When you tend to align yourself with such a course you tend to lose a lot of arguments for good!

How to create a balance between needs & responsibilities:

This course taught us that in life our responsibilities should always be higher than your needs; that is when we will be truly happy. If the needs and responsibilities are equal we become anxious and when the needs exceed the responsibilities we become a distressed soul. Under this course, we were taught how to control our needs and increase our responsibilities.

The 5 major lessons that we learned:

  • ‘Opposite values are complimentary you have to keep your mind stable.’
  • ‘Accept people in the situation they are.’
  • ‘Do not see intentions behind mistakes.’
  • ‘Don’t be a football of others opinion.’
  • ‘Change is inevitable.’

Unlike other organizations, I Knowledge Factory does not believe in spending on materialistic things rather we believe in providing the team with a comprehensive spiritual experience.

So here are my final takeaways from the course:

  1. It is important to set your organization’s DNA right by spiritually aligning them through such sessions.
  2. Begin the day with spirituality and you will observe that the entire day will turn out to stress-free and productive.
  3. Set aside an amount from the HR budget for such courses and programs. Believe me, when I say this, such courses are much better and ROI has driven when compared to parties and night outs with the team.
  4. When you attend such courses with your team you are exposed to the same thought process by the same teacher and philosophies.

We have committed that each of us who attended the course will nominate at least 2 people from the team to take up this course by motivating them and telling them about the benefits that we experienced.