Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills – Developing the Right Combination

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Hello, my name is Tejaswini and I have been working in the IT Industry over a year now. People say, “the first year is always difficult”, but I would like to say that it is more challenging as you get to learn different skills at each and every walk of your life.
The reason behind choosing this topic is to share the experiences that I have gained and the lessons that I have learnt during my professional journey till now.
To understand what are these skills we first need to understand the difference between the skills and the traits.
A skill is an ability that a person can achieve through deliberate efforts and with efficient process. Some examples will be: musical skills, technical skills, statistics, mathematics, data analysis.
The skills that can be taught, acquired as well as measurable over a period of time are called as Hard Skills. Hard Skills require a good IQ which is associated with the left brain which is the logical side of the brain.
Some attributes or qualities that a person has, which make him different from other people are called as traits. Some examples will be: melodious voice, self confidence, communication, networking skills, time management, problem solving ability.
The soft skills that are the qualities and the personality traits that cannot be taught by others but we have to polish them from our day-to-day experiences. These skills are not measurable. Soft Skills require a good EQ (emotional intelligence) which is usually associated with the right brain.
 Tips to improve your Hard Skills are:

  • Training: pursue the right training to learn the specific skills required for your job profile or to enhance your resume
  • Practise: ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is a proverb which tells us the importance of continuous practice in any skills set we wish to develop
  • Experience: let it be a good experience or a bad one each of it teaches us a valuable lesson which will carve our minds in such a way that will enhance our decision making abilities

Tips to improve your Soft Skills are:

  • Public Speaking: engage more often in public speaking platforms which will boost your confidence, oratory and presentation skills, ultimately helping you to improve your communication skills
  • Lead: If you have any opportunity to lead your team then you should grab this opportunity which will help you improve your time management as well as problem solving skills
  • Creativity & Imagination: We should always be creative and learn innovative methods and processes all the time

Key is to find the right balance between the two – technical, that is hard skills and soft skills.  Eventually, people who strike the right balance between these two are much more likely to excel at what they do, advance within the firm and to become an important team player.