How to benchmark your website designing process?

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Every other organisation planning to develop a website generally gets fascinated with having high-quality visuals and engaging content on the website. But in reality, understanding what’s best to have to on your website, is more important than just having the best. This is the most important part of your website execution.

Having been in the industry for 19 years and being the biggest website development company in Pune, we have developed 500+ websites for small to largest corporations and have come across quite a few people who generally are decided on a particular approach they’d like to take for building their websites.


But it’s important to learn about how to take the most effective approach and build a website that acts as a benchmark in your particular industry/domain. Please find below a few of my recommendations and suggestions to set benchmarks in your website designing process.

As one size does not fit all, the same approach for designing more than one website does not work. A website template that works for a retail brand may not prove to be effective for the healthcare industry. It would be a great idea to connect or consult with various creative ad agencies and compare different popular websites form various industries, to get a general perspective on what needs to be done on your website.


Here are a few generic-level tips which should be kept in mind when you’re planning to build or revamp an existing website.

  • Load-time of the website
  • Prominent call-to-action buttons on the website
  • Mobile-first experience
  • High-level emphasis should be given on about us section of the website
  • Engaging landing pages on the website

Here are some ideas on what kind of research should be done before starting with a website designing project

  • Look up 4 to 5 websites of your closest competitors and understand what kind of content they have put up on their website, along with banners and other elements.
  • Look up 2 to 3 websites of organizations who compete with you at an international level or organisations that have a global presence and are highly innovative.
  • Try to understand the logic and agenda behind each content piece and image/banner placement.
  • Check out the ranking of the competitor websites and align the content accordingly.
  • Find an experienced agency/company who can not only design a website but can also give you consultations over different aspects of presentation and mobile compatibility.

We at I Knowledge Factory Private Limited, have been helping organisations build websites for over 19 years, and are now aiming to set up a strong and dominant web presence which serves better success for both our clients and us.


Whenever we design any website, we strictly keep the following in mind;

  • The Industry for whom we are designing the website.
  • Down-time of the website. We generally try to keep it below 4 seconds which is the industry benchmark
  • We help our client select the right images and develop a strong content strategy because just designing a website doesn’t serve the purpose if it’s not getting ranked on Google search engine
  • A dedicated account manager is provided during the entire engagement cycle, who works closely with the customer and helps them understand the process at every step of the way.
  • Every website designed by I Knowledge Factory Private Limitedis benchmarked in the industry because of our thorough research and understanding about our customer.

If you are looking for a website design company in Pune and would like to discuss more or get your website audited, we offer no obligatory free website audit and consulting services. So don’t hesitate to call us or reach us or 8888866110 /