Benefits of SSL for Businesses

2 min read

What is SSL?

  • SSL are called as (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates are small sized data files that bind a cryptographic key and a company’s details digitally
  • When SSL certificates are installed on a web server, it activates the https protocol which make all connections from a web server to a browser secured
  • An SSL connection protects sensitive data such as credit card information exchanged during a session

Concept Behind SSL

  • There are various bad-blooded people out there such as hackers & more with a common intention to penetrate the security of your website, steal your customers data such as credit card information & make your website vulnerable, forcing it to lose faith from customers, branding & reputation, leading to nothing but doom in a flash!
  • That’s where the concept of website security emerged! In order to keep all hackers based activities away, SSL Certificates were introduced. SSL Certificates are one of the most trusted & installed website security platforms worldwide.

Why should businesses buy SSL?

  1. Unique Address
  2. Authentication of Business
  3. Builds Trust which increases Sales
  4. Protection from Hackers
  5. Stand unique in SEO ranking from Competitors
  6. Mandatory for online payment
  7. Secured data on Servers

Where can you buy SSL from?
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