I am Not Weird, I am Limited Edition

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When I was going through my usual research, these words “I am not weird, I am limited edition” came into the spotlight. I was wondering about the interactions that I have with people every day, be it young entrepreneurs or huge businesses. As the CEO of a digital marketing company in India – IKF, the one thing which I have understood over the years is that you have to define your position in the market and act accordingly. So I thought that some of these tips might be helpful in the ever-growing competition.

#1 Don’t follow the crowd – The most important point to remember is always try to be YOU, be unique and different. You don’t have to follow the crowd, you have to stand out in the crowd. Trying to fit in the crowd will always seem like an option, but you will somewhere lose yourself.
#2 Know your position – Your uniqueness should stand out and set you apart from your competitors. In your organization, you should be well equipped with what is happening internally as well as externally. You should also ensure that every person in the organization adheres to the values, mission, and the vision. This will in turn help in ensuring that there are no conflicts in the personalities in the said organization.

#3 Be Assertive – You should always be dominative irrespective of the market and competition. You should most certainly keep a watch on the competition, but not get affected by it. If you want to stand out, show your determination towards work and customer advocacy.

#4 Be Confident – It is not tough to stand out when you are confident about your products and services. Keep a tab on your competitors, otherwise, it will be very difficult to outperform. You cannot build your products and services without understanding the market need, competition, and future. Always be futuristic in your approach.

#5 Don’t Over-Negotiate – Try to maintain sustainability. If you are constantly negotiating just because your competition is, it will affect your brand and in turn outplay you. If you think that you cannot perform better than your competition, either get along with it or move out of it. There is no point running like an ant behind the elephants. However, if you are small, you are faster and more agile than the elephant. So there is a chance you might win the race.

#6 Stay Committed – Ensure that whatever you have committed is delivered promptly. This will only happen when you and your team is active and understand the values for which the organization stands for.

#7 Demand Excellence – As a leader, you should always uplift and empower your team to achieve excellence irrespective of their capacity and competency. You should ensure that you and your team should always be out of comfort zone. You should be on a mission to deliver something out of the box.

In the end, you should remember that you are different from others. So embrace your uniqueness and tell everyone that you are not weird, you are just special, a limited edition!

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