Ignite your Potential with Daniel Jacob – Key Takeaways from the Session

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Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar by the motivational speaker, Daniel Jacobs which was on the topic of ‘Igniting your Potential’. The session was a very insightful and an enjoyable one.

About the Speaker-

Mr. Daniel Jacobs is a Commerce graduate from Madras University and also a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from Loyola Institute, Chennai. With an illustrious experience of more than two decades, he is an accredited trainer with Milt Training foundation and a visiting faculty of ISB, Hyderabad.
This session helped me understand that true potential lies within us and it is important that we realize it. Keep going and most importantly believe in yourself!

I have listed down some interesting lessons from the seminar:

  1. You have to be a seeker in life not a believer. Only then you will be a successful person
  2. If you are compassionate and can contribute in your own small way towards humanity you will always be a winner for life
  3. Focus on minimizing unnecessary needs which is your sure way to the route of happiness
  4. We are all functioning at a fraction of our potential. Using that potential up to its optimum level is in your hands
  5. There is some kind of different kind of enthusiasm in our life in very small things which eventually leads to positivity and contributes to an individual’s accomplishment. For e.g. – reading a book, going for outings, watching a movie
  6. Conviction comes from experience. Face your fears and challenge your limitations. You will surprise yourself positively
  7. Introspect within yourself and ask yourself whether you have got potential or not. Never doubt your inner confidence
  8. Self-esteem is very important. Accept how you are. Accept the facts in life
  9. Project to the world the way you are which is called self-esteem. If you don’t project and put up a face then it is ego
  10. Humans are a superior form of species only because we can think and act. We have been given the power to think and our supreme power is intelligence
  11. Every day is a new day and you have to start afresh to utilize the complete potential
  12. What lies within us matters and how we use it to the fullest
  13. Everything around us is the manifestation of our thoughts. We are a product of our own thoughts
  14. Our thoughts are our energy
  15. Energy which is concentrated is power
  16. What you do should be in line with your conscience only then you will be able to maximize
  17. There are no shortcuts to success
  18. Find peace within yourself and listen to your conscience
  19. You are most important person in you world. Heal yourself
  20. What is concentration? It is the ability to steer your mind towards single thought. Work towards it and actualize that potential
  21. To reach the stage of complete bliss we should reach the stage of one thought
  22. Attitude plays a very important role in our lives. A positive attitude is very important
  23. An optimist finds opportunities in a problem. A pessimist is a one who finds problem in every opportunity
  24. Respond ever react never. There is a thin line between responding and reacting and we have to achieve that
  25. Positive attitude will take you places. Spontaneity should be there along with knowledge and education
  26. Always see opportunities in everything and you will go places
  27. Always think and act not act and think
  28. You need to internalize positive things
  29. Luck is the meeting pond of alertness and preparedness
  30. You have to be alert to the opportunities which come by then only luck will favor you
  31. Be Alert and look for opportunities. Constantly be in the lookout for opportunities
  32. Come out of your comfort zone and expand your opportunities
  33. To achieve something in life get out of your comfort zone
  34. Constantly take on challenges head on
  35. We have to be growth oriented people. Always better yourself every day. Challenge yourself to do something better
  36. Self-actualization is very important
  37. Enthusiasm in any kind of work brings happiness
  38. Be clear in your visions in whatever you do
  39. You need to make a positive difference in others life
  40. Always keep an open mind. Never go to the extremes. Always find a middle path
  41. Have a vision statement and rise above
  42. The ultimate challenge to rise is to break the gravity. Break the gravity and rise
  43. Your vision should be invigorating. It should give you energy
  44. Let your vision should be a contribution to the society
  45. Your vision should keep you activated

So here are my key takeaways for everyone who wishes not only to succeed in business but succeed throughout your life. So definitely Ignite your Potential, to get the best out of you!