Importance of Telephone Etiquettes

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In most of the organizations, the first point of contact for customers to reach you is either over the phone or email, for discussing their requirement or questions they might have. If a reply has to be given to a customer’s email there are lots of support systems available like the autocorrect option etc. that can help you to draft an error free email. However when it comes to responding on call it is very important to handle it more carefully. Importantly when 2 parties talk over the phone for the first time both of them undergo a moment of truth which can either make or break a new customer being getting associated with your organization. If correct telephone etiquettes are displayed over the call then it becomes a positive moment of truth and it is most likely that the customer will be engaged with your organization for further discussions. Remember they will come back more often as they feel welcomed and valued. They will further spread good word-of-mouth about your company which brings in more customers thus more business.
To further enhance the quality of the customer calls here are some simple tips can be implemented giving a WOW experience altogether for the customers:

  • Make it a point to answer or make every call with a smile. This way the customer will hear the friendliness in your voice. This will make him comfortable to talk with you openly without any reservations and can be an effective ice breaker.
  • Ensure that you talk slowly and clearly so that the customer understands the communication been made. This will avoid unnecessary repetitions giving a delightful experience.
  • Refer the customer on call by name. Most people like to hear their name and this will also make them sound important in the conversation.
  • Be friendly but courteous on calls. This will help you to establish a positive connection with the customer and he will feel more comfortable for discussions.
  • Show empathy / sympathy when necessary. This will make the customer feel that you understand them.
  • Take verbal approvals on discussions over the call. This way you ensure that you both are on the same page and the discussion is moving in the right direction.
  • Do not interrupt the customer. Let him say what he has to discuss after which you can respond with your thought. For a good tele-caller one has to be a good listener as well.
  • Finally, remember to treat the customer on call the same way you would like to be treated as a customer. This is definitely important because you are ensuring that the customer is been given all the possible information, help etc. which was needed the way you would have liked it to be delivered to you.

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These are simple tips but effective ones. Not many organizations adapt them in telephonic customer interactions. Great organizations are built if the basics are correct. Remember every phone call is a chance to build a new and enriched customer experience which is going to bring in new business and thus helping you to strengthen your brand value.