In-House SEO vs SEO Agency-Which is Best for Your Business?

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Having seen the world reap benefits of a robust SEO policy, you are now itching to get onto the SEO bandwagon. And for good reason too – to increase your Internet sales.

For those traditional marketing professionals that aren’t familiar with SEO, it is advisable to know that SEO is unavoidable today, and will only become more essential as time goes by.

Building your own in-house SEO team is not an easy task, especially when you aren’t too well-versed with the subject. Even for social-media-savvy marketers, it generally makes good sense to pick from one of the best SEO companies in India.

So which is the next SEO agency in Pune to hire? Read on to know about all the facets of each, before signing on the dotted line for any one of them.


Plus points of an SEO Agency:

Depth of experience

The knowledge, experience and talent of an independent agency coupled with access to premiere tools and extensive data is an invaluable resource for any business. Add to that their day-in and day-out experience of handling every aspect of SEO, and what you get is the best partner for your business. Having worked with countless clients across industries, search engine optimization agencies have a bird’s eye view of the subject.

Proven track record

Signing on a proven SEO company has a number of benefits. On one hand, they are constantly around to guide you, answer questions, and update you on online marketing techniques that can bring you the best results. On top of that, a reputable SEO company typically has a track record including case studies and a decent sized SEO team.

Their expertise is not without reasons – allotting time to research, testing and attending SEO conferences around the nation are things that any in-the-know SEO agency undertakes to support the partner company.

Co-operation and collaboration

More the exposure, better it is for your SEO campaign. It is always better when your project is seen by professionals who are experts from an outside agency. The truth is, without multiple experienced eyes on a campaign, inept decisions from inexperience or lack of knowledge can seriously hurt your SEO results.

More experience means less worry

A well-known SEO company should always be available at your beck and call. Actually, handing over your SEO project in the trusted hands of proven professionals makes things much easier to manage. It doesn’t take as much time out of your day and you still get all the value you desire.


Independent SEO agencies are always on their toes to do everything they can to retain you as a client. This attitude makes them chip in with their best, which attributes to greater productivity and a higher level of performance. Most SEO companies track the progress of their campaigns through analytics, rankings and overall return on investment.

The points discussed above reinstate the fact that taking onboard an independent SEO as a partner agency can boost great results.

Plus points of an Inhouse SEO:

The biggest advantage of an in-house SEO is that they are solely devoted to your business and completely focused on it all the time.

Other benefits include the SEO inhouse expert having an in-depth knowledge of your field of business, as well as its unique needs – a first-hand, go-to expert on search engine optimization, including your business. What’s more, the in-house SEO team will also have the advantage of working hand-in-hand on-site with other team members.

Building relationships with other teams also happens naturally. As a result of which, they might have a stronger influence on the other important aspects of the company like IT or Marketing, as they share the same office space and have a day-to-day relationship with them.

To reiterate, the expertise and experience level of an independent SEO firm is entirely on a different level altogether. Frankly speaking, no inhouse SEO agency can match an outside agency due to the factors established above.

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