How to Increase Sales on Amazon with High Rankings

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Well, while you are at it and totally excited for your product’s performance on Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale, let us turn your attention to some basics that Amazon adheres to; for your products best ranking on one of the biggest e-commerce platforms!

Before we track down into the best ranking factors on Amazon, let us reveal the Einstein behind the lay of the land.  It is Amazon’s Wizard – The A9 Product Search Algorithm.

It simply works on the keyword search method and how closely a product matches the query. Well, it’s not rocket science as yet to understand how the algorithm works. But, it’s definitely going to get complex over time, suggest experts.

An official statement by Amazon’s A9 Search Algorithm states, “Our work starts long before a customer types a query.  We’ve been analysing data, observing past traffic patterns, and indexing the text describing every product in our catalog before the customer has even decided to search.”

Oh ho! Look at the below screenshot, they’ve already made a point.  I typed “festival” in the Amazon search engine and they already know what’s on my mind. Einstein, aren’t they?


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So, let us hover around every step that makes up for a successful Amazon SEO ranking.

1. Thorough keyword research

It is a given phenomenon that 97% of people click on search results on within the first few pages of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Hence, it is very important for your business to appear on top of the SERP. So, this means adding the relevant keywords in your listing text is the most important thing to do. A thorough research and prioritizing the keyword placing will get you a higher ranking.

2. Consider Product Listing Optimization

Next up is the placement of your product keyword, regard these as the thumb rule to optimize your SEO: According to Amazon, your title must contain features like:

  • Title
  • Brand
  • Product Line
  • Material or Key Feature
  • Product Type
  • Color
  • Size
  • Packaging/Quantity

Many Amazon shoppers only look at the product picture and title, and Amazon optimization efforts reflect this. Keywords featured in the product title have the greatest weight for the ranking.


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3. Click Through Rate

This is no brainer at all. It is the click-through rate from the search engine page to your product listing. If you have the highest click-through rate, it’s likely Amazon will rank you to the top result. So, use a combination of keywords along with color variations, price, image, availability, brand, rating, delivery cost, product category, reviews, buying options etc.

4. Conversion rate

Well, Amazon’s top goal in everything they do is always maximize Revenue Per Customer (RPC) and this solely indicates the conversion rate of a buyer. So basically, the higher the CR, the higher the purchase likelihood of a product (for that keyword). Shopper behavior is unpredictable many times. If shoppers continually click on a product but then click away without making a purchase, the Amazon ranking algorithm will take that low CR into account and rank the product lower for that keyword in turn. Ensure possible product variations, sizes, product features and description to cover every question that a customer may raise.

5. Buyer Reviews

Reviews are a valuable part of Amazon optimization because they can influence conversion rate. Products that have good ratings (generally higher than 4 stars) make it to the top of the SERPs. There is a chance that you can still manage to redress the buyer complaints. Offer a refund, or a correction if the customer has handled the product in the wrong way (For e.g. washing instructions). Responding to negative comments can also put in a positive position, as the buyers believe that you care for their feedback.

6. Brand name

Workaround a combination of ‘keyword and brand name’ for your product listing. In this case, you take the benefit of the listing optimization and brand recognition. Amazon uses your brand name as part of the content indexed in the SERP’s. Also, adding relevant keywords to your brand name will increase the ranking of your listing.

7. Bullet points

Product features or points that are listed under the product name & pricing is an absolute necessity. Amazon doesn’t accept products without the bullet points, this may be a barrier to good Amazon rankings.

8. Description

Not that this feature is highly recommended, but as a customer’s mind would work, a product description can have a high conversion rate, if he/she is surfing through mobile device. For e.g. an ethnic skirt is your product, you need to mention the fit, the quality, type, and color etc.

9. Image size:

Go for a 1000×1000-pixel image size of your product. This allows Amazon to offer customers their Hover-to-Zoom feature, also have a white background to the image, ensure brand name visibility, etc which they’ve observed to have dramatic effect on conversion rates. Needless to say, do not compromise on the quality of the image.

10. Sales

Last but never to be neglected, the sales are an ultimate factor to rank higher on the Amazon listing pages. If you have followed all the above major guidelines, your sales are bound to upsurge, no matter what.

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