Integrating Social Media with PR Strategy

Integrating Social Media Marketing with PR Strategy

With the tremendous growth of digital landscape, we can hardly ignore the role and impact of social media in the online marketing fiefdom. Brands are now counting on social media tools for bolstering their PR strategies.

Targeting the consistently expanding social media audience can help broaden your reach. As a social media marketing company in Pune, we believe that right PR approach has the potential to generate a buzz that can boost the brand impact significantly across the market.

Integrating your PR with the social media strategy might seem a bit tricky especially for novice. Here are some tips that will help you create social media strategy that aligns with the conventional PR techniques to connect with your audience:

Know your audience and curate clear message:

Before you get down to creating your content calendars or pitch topics you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the role of social media in public relations, and how you can use it to attain your goals?
  • Who are your target audience?
  • Where are they located and how your content will resonate with them?

These aspects should form the foundation of your social media & PR strategy. The design and aesthetic may differ according to your brand but your message should always emphasize on “why” aspect of your brand. When content is built around this, there are good chances of getting positive outcome. And yes, make sure your content is clear, concise and intriguing that invokes interest in the viewers.

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Discover the right categories for your brand identity:

To avoid promotional burnout or failure, it’s imperative to understand your content categories that can guide your entire strategy. As experts of social media marketing in Pune, here we offer you some of the examples of content categories that you can target:

  • Inspirational: Quotes, flat lays, beautiful images, influencer shout-outs etc.
  • Educational:  Tips & tricks, video trainings, FAQs, free resources, etc.
  • Conversational: Giveaways/contests, polls, “Caption This” posts, etc.
  • Connection: Product reviews, travel photos, lifestyle, events etc.
  • Promotional: Webinars, podcasts, upcoming speaking opportunities, etc.

Remember clearer your brand message, more effective will be your PR efforts in attracting audiences, especially through social media. So, pick the right category and accordingly build a powerful content to nail it!

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Be conversational:

If you want to create the buzz around you and your brand, connect with your audience. Community engagement is important. Discover influencers/or outlets talking about topics that align with you brand. Search through @mentions, hashtags, geotags, etc. Next, strategize how to connect with them. Be it direct comment on the post or an audio message, keep it concise and authentic. And yes, be mindful of using automated tools for direct messages, comments, likes, etc., as some of these tools can and will be flagged. If you have something exciting, you can share that with them. These genuine and sincere efforts can help you develop online relationship or rapport, taking you closer to your audience in an organic manner.

Optimize your content:

Using hashtags is a great way to get noticed, discover new accounts and find influencers who are can amplify your brand presence. Many brands and businesses build their own hashtag campaigns to use in their posts, creating brand awareness about their new launch. We, as a reputed social media marketing agency in Pune recommend you to discover hashtags that can work best for you. Once you have an idea of the hashtags that correlate with your brand content guidelines, choose few of them that are brand optimized and have at least 10k or more tags. Although the competition is high, these can bring the most engagement as they are frequently used and monitored.

Video & Live Streaming:

Live streaming and video has the potential to establish instant &direct emotional connection with your audience. Public relation is a way to share a story, so why not make the story more captivating with an interesting video? When strategizing your video content, you can use the different tools that are already provided to you, such as Facebook and Instagram Live, YouTube stories, Zoom recordings, etc.

Besides the above mentioned points also pay heed to the enlisted below tips for best result:

  • Keep posting. Increase your frequency based on need and the engagement from your audience.
  • Check your account insights to find when your audience most engages with your content and accordingly plan your schedule and community engagement around those timeframes.
  • Spend about an hour each day commenting, liking, and engaging with your top connections.

Be it displaying your brand or content through Instagram stories or getting interactive on Facebook Live, there are ample of ways to highlight your offerings through social thereby expanding the reach of your PR. With commendable experience in digital marketing services in Pune, IKF is here to help you in your endeavors. Call us today to know how we can help you with your promotional campaigns!