Is your website being ignored? Here are 5 reasons why

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As a business owner, you want your website to be among the top-ranking websites on all search. The point is to get as much organic traffic on your website as possible. Many of the business owners miss out on organic traffic merely because of the lack of efficient SEO services in India. As the CEO of a leading digital marketing company in Mumbai and Pune, I Knowledge Factory, we as a team have helped a lot of our clients drive more organic traffic towards their website and are known as one of the best SEO agencies in India. I am Ashish Dalia & today I’ll help you analyse the possible reasons why people may be ignoring your website.

1. Loading Time

Website loading time is one of the factors which should not be ignored. A website loads quickly naturally receives more traffic than the one which has more loading time. The time a website takes to load completely refers to the page loading time of a website & the faster the site loads, the better the user experience. Website speed is important to get more traffic. Website loading time also affects the SEO rating of a website. The more the website loading time, the less is the SEO rating. If you ignore this factor, the rank of your website lowers down slowly which decreases the traffic at your website & this is where your digital marketing company plays a big role in guiding you right. Many digital marketing companies in India lack in guiding their customers properly.

2. Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is a website which fits on any device irrespective of the size of itsscreen. A website, which does not have a responsive design, shows users the desktop version on all devices. Today, most of the users prefer their cell phones & tablets to surf on the internet. If a desktop version is shown on a cell phone, the users need to go through the unnecessary hassle of zooming in and out multiple times to access all features efficiently. This makes the users lose interest in your website.

3. Too Many Popups

Pop-ups are good because they help in increasing the conversion rate, but excessive pop-ups are bad for every website as they hamper with the overall user experience & cause irritation to the visitors. The important thing to remember while accommodating pop ups on your website is to provide an easy option for the users to dismiss it. Make sure your existing users do not face any pop ups.

4. Too many advertisements

Advertisements are a good source of generating revenue & bread & butter income. But placing too many adverts is not a good idea as it deters the visitors from having a good experience on your website. Too many adverts also irritate users. Moreover, it gives the impression that you are focusing on revenue more than providing the users with quality content. This will affect the ranking of your website.

5. Security

Secure websites have HTTPS in their address while on the other hand, unsafe websites have HTTP in their address. This is one of the easiest ways to recognize safe websites. Doing a money transaction is not secure on the websites having HTTP protocol. Because such websites can steal user’s confidential information. So, it is important to have a safe & secure website especially if money transactions are involved. This will make users trust in your brand & feel comfortable while browsing your website.

While developing your website, make sure you consider the above factors & make sure you work only with the best SEO company in India. If you need any more information regarding website development or have any other SEO related questions, feel free to call IKF - Digital Marketing Company in Pune and Mumbai anytime. Give us a call on 8888866110 or log on for enquiries & consultations.