Key Account Management – BE YOUR CLIENT’S SUPERHERO

Key Account Management

I’m working as an Account Manager since last two years. Account managers stand out in any industrial environment, no matter which business sector they belong to. We establish trust out the gate. Basically, Great account managers solve problems and are responsible to provide strategies and tactics to overcome obstacles for speedy and quality delivery to the client.
Clients are the lifeblood of any business. Every account manager needs to keep this in mind while dealing with their clients. They may or may not appreciate how amazing your strategies are – but you should appreciate the investment they make with your company.
Read on ‘HOW YOU CAN BE A CLIENT’S SUPERHERO’ driven from my own experience, failures, and learning acquired throughout my professional journey which I’ve been lucky enough to learn these tactics.

  • communicate
    Be a Clear Communicator.

    Clarity in communication is paramount because it affects everything you do. A clear communication helps in clarity between the two parties and transparency in projects undertaken.

  • language
    Use Favorable Language.

    Positive and constructive language tone helps in avoiding accidental conflicts arising from miscommunication. For example; you have the following issue at your place and you need to respond the client.

    1. Unfavorable Response: “I can’t deliver you till next 15 days as we do not have resources. So you will have to be patient with us.
    2. Favorable Response: “Sir, it may take maximum 15 days to get your project delivered but we will surely try our 100% to deliver it at the earliest, inconvenience regretted”.


  • promise
    Be Real in Making Promises & Keep Them.

    Sometimes, being a yes-man has no fair play especially, when you give unreasonable commitments to your clients. Be realistic while promising or committing anything. Your repo depends on the words you give. The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it or to give tentative period till the work shall be done.

  • We-all
    When Considering Your Team, Use “We” Terminology and Not “I.”

    When you communicate on behalf of your team, be sure it’s not about you but it is about We ‘The Team’. Use the words “we,” “our,” instead of “I,” “me,” .It adds corporate depth to recipients’ and listeners’ perception about the company.

  • listening_icon
    Be a Good Listener.

    This is a hard one personally, but this technique will surely help you understanding the requirement of our client in a better way and for a long-run.

  • wait
    Be Good Enough to Break Off At The Very Right Time.

    The best account managers know exactly when to cut off the conversation. When done at a right time and a situation, respectful break off is an incredible tool.

  • Limitations
    Respect Your Own Limitations If You are ‘Improviso’ Sometimes.

    The mistake and risk we see in new account managers is when they don’t know what they don’t know. It’s OKAY to say, “I’m sure about the answer, but it’s highly advisable to consult with an expert before sharing or gloating the company facts and figures you are not sure of. Convey clients that you will get back to them later if you would like to re-confirm few things at the backend.

  • Knowledge
    Showcase Your Intelligence and Knowledge.

    Sometimes clients don’t understand your action of doing things out of the box However, if you are sure and confident about the strategies, you will have to fight for it. Hahah, don’t b a ring player, but prove and implement the idea to impress.

    The mantra is:
    Don’t walk on eggshells when you know you’re right!!

  • learning
    Learning From Your Clients.

    Your clients are smart and they have done their research before hiring you. They are the only one who knows about the business challenges and opportunities they need to work on. Hence, understanding the client plays a crucial role indeed.

One of the most vital information for key account managers can be extracted from one question is: “Would you recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” This is a simple way of understanding how many of your customers would love to promote your business.
Take a scale of 0-10 as a rating to determine what the score means;

  • A positive score (> 6), is considered good
  • A score of 9 or higher is excellent
  • A negative score (< 6) is poor and efforts should be taken upon

Good Service Makes a difference, Be a difference!!
“It is not the one big WOW to one customer that wins a day. It is the one little WOW delivered consistently to every customer”

– Bill Quiseng