Advanced Mobile SEO Techniques

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The number of Smartphone usage is increasing worldwide and especially so in India. The number of mobile searches is growing exponentially. The future internet searches will predominantly take place on Smartphones and 95% of all searches are done using Google. Google has responded to this shift from desktop to mobile for SEO; by revamping their entire algorithm to focus first on mobile search. Mobile SEO is the practice of optimizing your website for users on Smartphone.
The Way It Was
Initially, Google search engine would boost the rankings of the website where searchers could more easily find high quality and relevant results where the text is readable without tapping or zooming on their phones. Next Google ran Two Indexes side-by-side: a mobile version and desktop version. With this setup, you had the ‘main’ desktop version of your site. You also had a mobile version (“M.”) version of your site. Google would show results from their mobile index if someone searched from their phone. And if someone searched for something from a desktop, they’d get ‘desktop results’.
Today, no matter what device you use, Google shows you results from their mobile index.
Best Choice for Design
With Dynamic Content, all of your content is on the same URL. But you show each user different HTML/CSS depending on the device they’re using. But dynamic serving sites are notorious for showing desktop versions to mobile users as they may fail to recognize a new device.
Responsive Design, on the other hand, lets your page layout and content responds to each individual user. Responsive design pulls this off without separate URLs or different HTML for each device. In terms of being SEO-friendly, Responsive Design proves to be the best option and is recommended by Google as well for the following reasons –

  • A single URL houses all your content and is better for sharing & getting links
  • Minimal SEO troubles like duplicate content issues etc.
  • User-friendly (UX is a big part of SEO thanks to RankBrain)
  • No redirects that cause technical SEO issues and slows down your site

Features Needed For Mobile SEO
Your website will require the following features that are designed for Mobile SEO optimization –

  • Loads resources across all devices
  • Doesn’t hide content on mobile versions of your site
  • Loads quickly like mobile users expect
  • Has working internal links and redirects
  • Has a UX that’s optimized for any kind of device
  • Make content super easy to read on phones with legible font size

If the desktop version of your website is getting displayed on the phone, you may notice a drop in the Google ranking of your website, which spells trouble!
What Not To Do
For Mobile SEO optimization –

  • Do not block Googlebot from crawling certain parts of your website
  • Do not use a giant popup on your site, this could seriously impact your rankings

Other Factors Impacting Mobile SEO Ranking
SEO today is less about messing around with Meta tags and more about having an awesome site that is customized for a Smartphone. Many marketers make the mistake of assuming that what they see or experience on their mobile device is exactly what others experience, but this is absolutely not true. Mobile devices have multiple variations in settings and are affected another way according to user location and personalization of results. This is especially relevant for local SEO and teams that focus on news, shopping, and AMP (accelerated mobile pages) results. JavaScript and PWAs are changing the mobile landscape which also affects the SEO results. App packs, deep linking, and app store optimization (ASO) need to be incorporated into your SEO strategy.
In future, websites may not matter as much as a voice search result; as voice search and chatbots are being used more often. So, companies that have not been strong in web SEO or have never even had a website, will get a chance to better their prospects with chatbots, Google Actions, and Google Instant Apps.
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