Moving with the Wind

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How many of you remember attending your craft classes? Do you remember being taught on how to make a paper windmill? Just yesterday we were small kids, running around with pink and yellow paper triangles. That feeling when the wind ran through our little windmills is unforgettable. Do you remember that? The joy of little things? Even today, when we recall our childhood, paper planes, boats, colourful kites and windmills are what flashback first. These toys were made for our entertainment back then, but we never realized the importance of what they could generate. If only we had attached small batteries to those windmills, we would have produced enough energy to charge our devices while those colours and motion charged our mind.
According to a report estimated on 28th February 2001, India ranked fourth in the global wind energy installation list; with about 1271 MW installed capacity. Now, in the third week of December 2016, India still ranks 4th in the Global Wind Power Installed Capacity Index, with about 25088MW capacity. In the past 15 years, there has been no change in the position of our country in terms of wind generation capacity. Can you believe that we were a country, always surrounded by tiny windmills and kites which were made for children to play with?
As a largely populated country, we need to understand the importance of renewable energy, especially energy that is available everywhere, free of cost. If we had been using windmills in different forms a few years back, today we would have been the leading producer of wind energy. Wind energy is cost efficient and will not only help in making us self sufficient in terms of energy, but also give way to employment and development in modern technology. We need to focus on this sector as much as we focus on others like solar power and hydropower. Our current windmills are large white three-winged fan type structures. Why don’t we go back to the childhood structure of colourful large windmills, in ample quantity that make our country a beautiful, clean environment to live in?
Windergy 2017 is bringing together green change and is thinning out awareness for the need of wind power. Through this program, there has been a widespread in the business and development for the use of wind mills. The efforts taken by this event and each of its participants are huge and seem to make a definite impact in the progress of this sector.
We at IKF are proud to be digitally associated with Windergy 2017 and want to take this green change ahead.