Understanding the link between Online Reviews and SEO

Online Reviews are the Biggest Drivers to Boost Your Business

There is no doubt that consumers today are smart shoppers. While shopping online, going through the reviews is a norm that helps the prospects to take a confident purchase decision. Any product or service with 4 or five star rating certainly seems convincing to the consumer and improves the likelihood of its sale.

As reviews became an integral part of internet business, they have started to infiltrate search engine algorithms. Working as digital marketing and SEO company in Pune, we realize that the importance of reviews for SEO cannot be underestimated.

According to the MOZ’s search ranking survey result, online reviews make up 10% of how Google and other search engines decide to rank search results. Now that’s a pretty significant percentage. Your business can rank higher on the search engines simply because of what people are saying about you online.

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As experts of SEO services in Mumbai, here we will help you understand the connection between online reviews and SEO. Continue reading as we break down the different ways in which online reviews impact SEO.

1. Google trusts your customer’s views more than you:

Customers place more trust on what others say than what you put forward and so does the Google. The quality backlinks work in the same pattern. When authoritative people link to your site it indicates that it is offering something valuable. Similarly, Google considers online reviews as the yardstick to measure whether or not your brand is meeting the consumers’ expectations. Numerous good reviews signal Google that the business is real and consumers are finding it useful. On the contrary, bad or mixed reviews reveal that your offerings are failing to match customer needs and hence a fall in your search engine ranking is imminent.

2. Good reviews lead to more traffic and better click rates:

Assume you are searching for a hotel for a weekend getaway. So, which hotel would you prefer- one that has more good reviews or the one that has limited positive reviews? The answer is obvious; you will click the site that shows best reviews. It is clear that reviews can attract or dissuade consumers from your website. Offering digital marketing services in Pune, we understand how clicks and more traffic coming to the site has a definite impact on SEO. Remember when your site gets numerous clicks its credibility improves and this leads to better ranks on search results.

Online Reviews on Google Business Listing

3. Search engines get to know you better from the insights reviews offer:

Search engine sends its crawlers to crawl over your content to find its relevancy for the viewers. The more content you have on your website related to your products/services, the better the search engines understand your business. This ultimately impacts your ranking. So, when consumers write reviews on your website, they in a way are helping the crawlers learn more about your brand. It works as useful content, free from dense-keyword but with the potential to positively impact your brand’s SEO strategy. Working as digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we have always emphasized on quality content creation for achieving good SEO results. Reviews add value to our SEO strategy and hence we view them as a bonus.

4. Review sites can be a blessing in disguise:

Many may not be confident with the idea of letting customers freely drop their views about the products and services. But, if you are offering quality experience to the consumers then believe us; its positive returns will outweigh its negatives. There are several review sites and directories that help business expand their reach and enhance their online reputation management. Let me make this simpler for you. When you search for best restaurant in the town, the top results are usually from review sites. Without putting extra effort and money you get the chance to improve rank organically. Offering SEO services in India for long and having sound understanding of online marketing strategies, we believe that review sites are a great way to funnel the prospective customers to your website.

Believe it or not but reviews, whether good or bad are your friends. Handling them in the right way can contribute to successful SEO.

If you want more insights on online reputation management and SEO, you are free to contact us. IKF is one of the leading digital marketing company in India that has to its credit suite of successful projects. Let us know your concern and we will be there to help you.