Top 7 Reasons to Outsource LinkedIn Profile Makeover

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Not many years ago, having a LinkedIn account was seen as a ‘cool professional thing’ that people used to socialize with folks from within the industry. But today, being on LinkedIn has become a must-have for anyone who wants to build a strong personal brand and expand your professional network.

As one of the older social networking sites, LinkedIn has undergone a myriad of changes – be it technology or design wise. It recently rolled out a couple of interface enhancements, which are already influencing the way you are connecting with people (even if you haven’t realized it yet). So what do you drive home from this? That if a social networking giant like LinkedIn can revamp its look and feel in order to be more appealing to the professional zeitgeist, then it’s time for you to give your profile the makeover it needs.

Maybe, you realize the importance of LinkedIn profile makeover but don’t know how to do it. In that case, you need to hand it over to professionals who know how optimize your profile; in other words you need to outsource it.


Here are 10 reasons why should outsource your LinkedIn profile makeover –

The community is over 500 million users and counting!

Yes and the chances are that they are fine-tuning their profiles to increase the leverage of connections and grow their personal brand at this very moment and we see no reasons for you not to!

Your profile pops up on the first page of Google search results

We don’t even need to elaborate on it. Appearing on the first page of Google isn’t just a matter of pride but also a great boost for professional branding and yes just imagine the impression you’d be making on a potential employer when they find your name on Google.

LinkedIn is replete with great resources

As an entrepreneur, there are so many things on which you need to have your pulse on – be it finding the right kind of people to get into collaborations with or knowing what your competitors are doing to stay at the top of the game and LinkedIn will keep you abreast with all of that.

There are people looking out for you

There are companies, competitors, colleagues, and clients searching you. Your client may want to go through your profile before making up his mind to get back to you or a hiring manager will check your profile to see whether you can fit the bill or not.

It’s the best place to build your personal brand

Be it sharing your brand’s blog posts or videos, LinkedIn allows you to establish your brand’s authenticity and credibility in front of over 500 million users that is so many times more that you can ask for!

It allows to stay connected with people who matter to your business

LinkedIn, as they say is the professional version of Facebook. It allows you to share updates, join field-centric groups, write your views on other’s posts, and so much more. There’s no better way of building and maintaining business camaraderie other than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn keeps you in the know about everything that you ever want to know

If you want to have your fingers on the pulse of the latest corporate happenings, then again, LinkedIn is the place. What you follow and view on LinkedIn also says a lot about you/your company; it is a tacit criterion of consideration that people searching for you look into.

Like your business, your LinkedIn profile calls for a tailored approach. Even if your LinkedIn profile is your online resume, it doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of it. As a leading SEO and Digital marketing company, we can help optimize your LinkedIn profile and turn it into a prospect magnet.

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