Factors You Can’t Afford to Overlook When Going for a Website Revamp

Revamping your website can add a breath of fresh air to your existing website. Most of the companies opt for web redesigning at different phases of their business lifecycle. The reason for website revamping may differ from company to company depending upon factors like changing market trends, new business requirements, […]

Gear Up for the Latest Digital Marketing Trends to Stay Ahead!

Digital trends continue to evolve every year and make strong business impacts. Competent organizations are always on the lookout for newer and competitive ways to connect with more potential customers. Digital marketing gives these companies an opportunity to capture the growing and lucrative online market space. Having said that, here […]

Take Customer Satisfaction to the Next Level with Social Listening

The social world is ever-evolving, even right now as I type! As small kids, we were always taught to ‘Listen before we speak’ who knew that this simple phrase holds the power to change your social media services game altogether. Attentive listening and thoughtful communication is a basic life skill […]

The Nays’ of Instagram To Avoid No Matter What

As a digital marketing company in Pune that works with a bunch of young minds (we work with those with young hearts too;), we cannot help taking a liking to social media where all youngsters are unfailingly active on. You guessed it right, we are talking about Instagram! We heart […]

Twitter Mistakes that Are Graver Than You Know It

You may feel like there’s so much to talk about your product/service/or even you but you only have 140 characters so you drop a series of crazed tweets bordering on tasteless self-promotion and bragging. Nobody likes to read such tweets let alone interact on them. You may have the best […]

Stop and look out for these grave LinkedIn mistakes!

First and foremost, LinkedIn isn’t a platform to make friends. So sending out invites to people who aren’t even remotely related to your work isn’t going to add anything meaningful to you. Connections is a vanity metric—just because someone has more doesn’t mean you need to go on adding people! […]

Is your website contributing to your sales?

The website, as you know, is a 24 x 7 storefront. Unlike a physical store, it isn’t limited by geography – the whole world is your playground! Your website is more than just a token presence on the internet. However, if it’s not being used properly, then it just becomes […]

Top Tricks for Creating Conversion-Driven Landing Pages

As a website development company in Pune, that’s been working for the last 19 years and working closely with clients across diverse verticals to help them crush their marketing goals, we believe the key to the digital success lies in specificity. From targeting the right audiences to using the ad […]

The 7 Important P’s of Social Media Marketing

Alright, whether you are our regular reader or have just stumbled on this article—you know that already by now that social media to your brand/business is as important as food is to your soul. There’s no need for us to establish that, do we? We hope not because the world […]

Compelling Reasons Why You Need To Go For Website SEO Audit

Remember that assignment where you were asked to do a SWOT analysis so that you knew the areas that you needed to work on and where all you need to channelize your energy into. The website SEO audit is the digital extension of that idea. It’s truly liberating to know […]

7 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid No Matter What

Content marketing has become the norm. Whether you want to attract new customers or keep your existing ones enticed — content marketing is the key to maintaining happy and healthy relationships with your community. As a company offering content marketing services in Pune, we are approached by clients to set […]

Digital Marketing: The Ultimate Cure for Healthcare Revenue Condition

“While there are evangelists and advocates of digital marketing within the healthcare industry who will continue lending their support to new technologies and tools, it will be the adoption by local caregivers and clinics that will add more to the transformation.” Before I get down to discussing the titular topic, […]

5 Terrible PPC Mistakes To Avoid Come Rain Or Shine

While there are many ad formats and avenues of digital marketing when it comes to giving immediate and ROI-driven results, nothing works as efficiently as PPC campaigns. The best thing about PPC ads is that you pay only when an ad is clicked and not just when it appears on […]

Social Media Mistakes To Be Avoided In Political Campaigns

Social media, oh sweet, sweet, social media. Yes, being a digital agency specializing in social media marketing, we are enthusiastic about everything and anything the social world has to offer. We lap it up, are the first ones to adopt the new roll-outs, and talk tirelessly about how we can […]

Social Media Marketing Tips That You Need To Start Using Right Now!

Social media promotion is an elusive bird. Those who crack it are left wondering if there’s anything more they can do—while those who struggle with the results wonder if they’ll ever crack it! As a social media marketing services company, we consider it our responsibility to throw the light on the […]

How to Ask Your Clients For Client Testimonials?

As a company offering video production services in Pune from the last 19 years, we often get asked by our clients how they can get their clients to give them a testimonial! It’s moments like these when we wonder how life does come a full circle! There are times when […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Videos

By now we’re sure you know that people have a voracious appetite for watching videos—we are also included in “people”. Whether you are a B2B organization or a mainstream B2C company, corporate videos can bring immense value to your marketing efforts. From boosting the conversion rate on your website to […]

How to Create Mobile Friendly Content

As a mobile application development company in Pune, if there’s one common misconception we’d like to put an end to for our readers and clients alike is this – just because your website is mobile-friendly doesn’t mean that it’s mobile responsive. What we mean is that a mobile-friendly website would […]

Smart ways to increase reviews for your app

What do you do when you find yourself subjected to a sea of options? You naturally look for reviews. Recommendations from people who have been to a place or bought a product or used an app. Naturally, if you are a business with an app you know how indispensable it […]

Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App For Free!

As a premier mobile application development company in Pune, it’s always a great feeling when entrepreneurs with mind-boggling and life-enhancing concepts reach out to us to materialize them. Our app design and development team is forever psyched to work on challenging and innovative mobile apps. We know the efforts, countless […]