4 Effective Strategies to Use Google AdWords

Devising smart and effective strategies for Google AdWords is the first step in being a high performer for your paid search success. A winning ad campaign is one that is: Detailed and methodically researched Monetary investment Clear strategy Strong business goals For the ad campaigns to work effectively you must […]

How to Choose the Right Development Framework for Your Mobile App?

It is understandable that with demand for mobile apps skyrocketing, organizations around the world are gearing up to get a handle on it. Many have jumped on the mobile app development bandwagon, so choosing the right one is certainly a task in itself. It is perfectly okay if find it […]

SEO for E-bay

It was the year 1995. Online stores were still new. Around the time, Pierre Omidyar, a computer programmer successfully made his first sale. An event that has made history since then.  He sold a broken laser pointer on his website AuctionWeb – but the significant part was that the product […]

12 Post Website Launch Strategies that Will Ensure Success

Getting your website in action mode is common, but having a post-launch strategy is acumen. So, to say that your website has been launched after immense hard work is pointless if you haven’t prepped up for the post-launch exercise. The launch of your website is not the end of the […]

Shopify Vs Magento Vs Opencart : Which One to Choose?

Is your business a start-up? Are you a five year old company who’s bottom-line is looking up? Is your ecommerce business growing exponentially? In which phase of the growth cycle is your business? When you know where your business is today, you can decide where you want to be in […]

Instagram Marketing: Features That You Should Be Using

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm. Literally. With a mammoth 700 million active monthly users, people are scurrying to engage the world with their wares on Instagram. Are you still wondering whether your brand is the right fit for this social network? Or have […]

Thinking TV Ads? Start Online

Gone are the days when TV used to be the king of advertising and brand communication. Creating a TV commercial was considered to be a prestigious affair. There was total madness as it called for the big bucks. Post the digital revolution though; the 30 second TV spot has been […]

5 Ideas for Your Storytelling Email Marketing Strategy

Let’s say that you have finally decided to invest in your company’s digital marketing strategy; don’t tell us that you haven’t included email marketing in your plans! It’s one of the most efficient tools regarding engagement and communication with clients, so we really hope this article changes your mind! How […]

Essential Elements to Optimize Your E-Commerce Website

Ask any retailer and they’ll tell you how difficult it is to actually sell a product, even when a customer can see, touch and try it on. Today, with the emergence of ecommerce, the task of a retail salesman has just got a lot tougher. That is why, your ecommerce […]

A Lot Happened Over a Coffee at BNI

I want to share an elevating experience today as I took along my I Knowledge Factory core team to Business Networking International (BNI), Prosperity chapter Pune East meeting today morning for the very first time. Here my core team members got up early and readied themselves for the BNI meet. […]

Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits

Non-profit organizations, since the last decade or so have been getting Social on Social Media – whether it’s opening and making popular a Facebook page or hopping onto popular networks like Snapchat, non-profit organizations are jumping onto the Social Media bandwagon – lock, stock and barrel. And it’s not surprising […]

How Digital Marketing is Revolutionizing Global Healthcare Industry?

The emergence of healthcare in India The breakup of the joint family system has paved the way for healthcare taking prominence for the elderly in India. Rising income of the middle-class, increasing health awareness, lifestyle diseases rearing their ugly heads, and access to health and life insurance are the major […]

Mobile Apps Development – A Brief Description

Mobile Application Development is a set of processes used to write software for small, wireless devices like mobile phones and tablets. Mobile Application Development is not very different from Web Application Development. One big difference though is that Mobile Applications can be specifically customized for the unique features that modern […]

Drupal Vs WordPress Vs Joomla- Which One to Choose?

I am a staunch believer that before investing in anything, you have to do research, research and research. Even when the product I am going for is free, then too, you can be sure to find a handful of Google searches in my browser history. Okay, let’s take a look […]

Why Competitor Analysis is Important in SEO?

How am I being outranked by a much smaller competitor? Or how about, “how does this company manage to rank first for every keyword I search related to my industry? This is a common question that crops up in the mind of many businessmen. What they can’t get a handle […]

How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Hosting Plan?

The first question that stares at you in the face while starting your online store is this: “Who do I choose for my hosting?” Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business is a crucial subject that needs to be given its due importance. Because, if your web hosting platform […]

Benefits of Marketing Your Ads from Google Partners

It is hard to determine whether some agency claiming to be an expert in SMM or pay-per-click is actually so. Companies get taken for a ride and realize the truth when it is too late. Unfortunately, this scenario is not a rare occurrence but an everyday one. Enter the superhero […]

The Difference between Content Creation and Content Marketing

The difference between Content and Content Marketing is quite apparent: Anything and everything can be termed as content – written, verbal, audio-visual or digitally empowered, whereas content marketing is all about attracting audiences to an experience or destination that we build or optimize to achieve our marketing objectives. Content as […]

How to Decide on the Best Digital Marketing Agency?

You have decided to give the competition a run for their money by building your online presence – better than the best out there. To do so though, you know that you have to look at hiring the best digital marketing agency. Of course, the entire process of deciding on […]