7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Digital Marketing

Going by the current conversational currents, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that everyone has their mind and wallet set on digital marketing. Whether or not people know how investing in digital marketing would impact their brand or business, the fact that it has started percolating into strategies and corporate […]

7 Digital Marketing Tactics to Launch Your New Product Flawlessly

Before we dive into the digital stratagems you can employ to launch your new product, we’d like to congratulate you and your team for making it through one of the most intensive and herculean phases of your business. Months of research, planning, testing, blood, sweat, and sleepless nights have finally […]

MAHA NGO Federation Launches Its Brand New Logo!

On the occasion of Independence Day team IKF (I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd.) crossed another milestone. MAHA NGO Foundation (MNF) one of the most renowned and trusted non-profit organizations from Pune, Maharashtra launched its brand-new logo which was ideated and designed by IKF. The logo was launched by Guest of […]

7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Matrimonial Business Online in 2019

Today, the key facilitator for arranged marriages in India is not limited to our uncles and aunties or neighbours or well-wishers or Punditji’s for that matter, they are the matrimonial websites that stand testimony to the wedlock of two souls (unlike in the heaven, they were made online). Jokes apart, […]

Visual Search – What it means for an SEO Company

There have been times when I fail to recollect a particular pattern of shirt, the typical print on that shirt and smart accessories to pair with. So what do I do? Do a Visual Search on the Search Engine?  Yes. This is exactly where the Visual Search comes into picture! […]

I am Not Weird, I am Limited Edition

When I was going through my usual research, these words “I am not weird, I am limited edition” came into the spotlight. I was wondering about the interactions that I have with people every day, be it young entrepreneurs or huge businesses. The one thing which I have understood over […]

Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Hostels

A hostel is a place where like-minded bachelors stay together. These individuals require accommodation that is feasible in terms of money and convenience as most of the time they spend outside. Looking at this trend, the real estate industry is taking a paradigm shift and opening up a new avenue […]

5 Quality Score Enhancing Hacks Every Top Adwords Agency Swears By!

Patience is a quality that not many can master! This is especially true when it comes to digital marketing. The stakeholders of the digital realm wish to see immediate results for their campaigns; it is not always possible. But there are exceptions everywhere! And in the digital world, this exception […]

Happiness Program: A Life-Altering Spiritual Journey!

In life spiritualism is as important as materialism; I am a strong believer of this fact. I along with 8 of my colleagues decided to attend a 4-day course called ‘Happiness Program’ organized by the Art of Living Foundation which started on 28th June and lasted till 1st of July. […]

Advanced Mobile SEO Techniques

The number of Smartphone usage is increasing worldwide and especially so in India. The number of mobile searches is growing exponentially. The future internet searches will predominantly take place on Smartphones and 95% of all searches are done using Google. Google has responded to this shift from desktop to mobile […]

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Financial Services

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone.” The emergence of social media has opened a window of possibilities, we couldn’t have imagined before. You can no longer ignore the impact it has on our day to day lives. It has managed to become an integral […]

How To Use Hashtags?

There has been a significant rise in the use of hashtags over the years. It used to be just a mere button on your phone before it transitioned into a symbol that is universally recognized as a social media tool used to communicate powerful messages. If you happen to notice, […]

3 Solid Reasons to Start Using Application Hosting

There was once a time when application hosting was one of the most awaited notions in the IT circle. Over the years this theory has turned into a reality! It has become a part of the business vernacular. Its benefits are talked about in the C-suite, employees discuss it near […]

4 Effective Strategies to Use Google AdWords

Devising smart and effective strategies for Google AdWords is the first step in being a high performer for your paid search success. A winning ad campaign is one that is: Detailed and methodically researched Monetary investment Clear strategy Strong business goals For the ad campaigns to work effectively you must […]

How to Choose the Right Development Framework for Your Mobile App?

It is understandable that with demand for mobile apps skyrocketing, organizations around the world are gearing up to get a handle on it. Many have jumped on the mobile app development bandwagon, so choosing the right one is certainly a task in itself. It is perfectly okay if find it […]

SEO for EBay

It was the year 1995. Online stores were still new. Around the time, Pierre Omidyar, a computer programmer successfully made his first sale. An event that has made history since then.  He sold a broken laser pointer on his website AuctionWeb – but the significant part was that the product […]

12 Post Website Launch Strategies That Will Ensure Success

Getting your website in action mode is common, but having a post-launch strategy is acumen. So, to say that your website has been launched after immense hard work is pointless if you haven’t prepped up for the post-launch exercise. The launch of your website is not the end of the […]

Shopify Vs Magento Vs Opencart : Which One to Choose?

Is your business a start-up? Are you a five year old company who’s bottom-line is looking up? Is your ecommerce business growing exponentially? In which phase of the growth cycle is your business? When you know where your business is today, you can decide where you want to be in […]

Instagram Marketing: Features That You Should Be Using

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm. Literally. With a mammoth 700 million active monthly users, people are scurrying to engage the world with their wares on Instagram. Are you still wondering whether your brand is the right fit for this social network? Or have […]

Thinking TV Ads? Start Online

Gone are the days when TV used to be the king of advertising and brand communication. Creating a TV commercial was considered to be a prestigious affair. There was total madness as it called for the big bucks. Post the digital revolution though; the 30 second TV spot has been […]