Project Management at a Web Designing Agency

3 min read

Managing multiple projects is one of the biggest tasks. What we want is optimal results for all the projects. But as a project manager at times it is not possible to have a result that was expected. We may face a lot of attrition’s from the clients. As they say “Customer is the King” it is his ultimate decision on the project. It so happens that the project manager may tend to even mix up things so it is very important for him to be well-organized. There are a lot of problems that are being faced such as deadlines, unhappy clients, personal stress, stress for shared resources etc.
Here are some points to stop these atrocities from unleashing agony on the state of mind:

  1. Organize your time

You need to have a bird’s-eye view so that you can look at all the projects that you have with their deadlines. You can also decide as to how much time you would dedicate to that project and also make sure that you have completed your project within the deadline.

  1. Dedicate your time

The activities that can be performed during the working hours can be grouped together. Take an example, you can group up similar activities like the admin one together or you can group activities of the same project or client together so that the client emails activity follow-ups etc. becomes easier.

  1. Assign delegation

It is the key to stay sane while managing multiple projects. You cannot be a one man army and do everything yourself. You need to source out people who can work for you.

  1. A to-do-list

Make a list of all the tasks for each project. Look at what you can really do and delegate everything else if you use the resource management tool see that is available to do the other tasks and assign it.

  1. Communicate

Make sure that you don’t just assign the tasks and expect everyone would know what they have to do. Make sure a proper briefing regarding the project is given to all the concerned teams. Let them know about your expectations and help them to boost their morale around the project itself.

  1. Organize shared resources

It may so happen that the same team maybe working on multiple projects. What you need to do is organize the team according to the work you need to be done by them. It is a tricky part as you may even get some work based on priorities. Just pull out your resource loading sheet see that it is available and start working with that resource. Divide the time and make sure to have some accurate predictions for it like how much time it will take to complete the project based on the availability and see that you keep on moving the resources from getting overwhelmed.

  1. Make customers a part of your team

When you make clients/customers a part of the project team you’ll find that it is much easier for you to manage multiple projects as everyone is involved they would take up more responsibility for their part. At the end the project you’re working on is more concerned for your clients as they are the ones who are more concerned with the end result.

  1. Track progress

Tracking the project is very crucial. You need to know how the project is progressing. You may also need to track the project on hourly basis which is one of the best ways as it gives the accurate time and allows the managers to be more accurate in their reporting. They can even have a track for each activity.
The mantra for handling multiple projects is to organize yourself first and divide all your activities within the time period that you are having and use your resources properly