How to Promote and Market E-commerce Website?

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If you thought setting up your e-commerce website is the only intimidating task of your online business, then we think we are going to have to come with our long, pointed pin to burst your illusional bubble. Ouch but it’s needed.

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Do you know that it actually takes 200 parameters for a planet to support life? Whoa, like really? What’s that got to do with your e-commerce website, you’ wonder? Your e-commerce website is your digital microcosm and for it to sustain, you will need much more than an attractive-looking online storefront. You’d need to market your website so that it reaches the right kind people, well, the kind that will actually buy your products/services rather than give it a lick and a promise (only to never come back).

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the usual quandaries come with it and really want to help folks like us coast along. Here are some kosher, tried-and-tested promotion tactics that will do the needful –

Architect a Solid Content Strategy

Your content is the king, queen, princess, butler, in short, your own Buckingham Palace. Architecting a solid content strategy involves creating your content, directing it to your target audience through relevant channels, and constantly assessing if it’s both usable and useful.

Say, for example, you sell home decor items and Diwali is just around the corner, you’d obviously want to make a splash with this opportune coming together of things, so what would you do? Well, if we were you, we’d write a blog post titled ‘10 Best Home Decor Pieces to Brighten Up Your Home This Diwali’, garnish it with just the right amount of keywords, embed good images, and link them to your website. So, when a house-proud reader looks for best home decor pieces for Diwali, she tumbles on your blog, gets directed on your website, and voila starts browsing it! Woohoo.

Wield the Power of Instagram and Pinterest

Both Instagram and Pinterest are image-centric social platforms which you must parlay to build followers and interact with them. All they require from you is to share quality images as they say a picture is worth a thousand words and you can get as much creative as you want with the filters and stories, work up some serious artistry and carve your unique visual identity.

Keep one important thing in mind – be interactive, comment, like, and share other people’s posts, that’s how you build goodwill and yes, the good gesture gets noticed and reciprocated too. Instagram campaigns work really well and there’s no dearth of ideas for them!

The Evergreen Email Marketing

There’s something about emailers that’s just comforting. It’s the feeling of warmth and familiar and all mellowness, we are getting a little mawkish but the thing with email marketing is that it definitely works. Thanks to MailChimp and Dotmailer, email marketing has become all sophisticated and artistically automated (yeah, truly).

Systematizing your email marketing becomes a lot easier with them and so does nudging your shoppers, like say, for example, a shopper who had almost come within an ace of buying a product but abandons it in the cart (oh no), you would definitely want to remind him about it, right? How about you send them a prod email? There are we’ve missed you, recommendations, sales announcement, loyalty offers, and so much more that you can do with emails!

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