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On his birthday, we bring together the qualities that make him the best boss. We love him not just because he is a gem of a person but also because of the invincible qualities that separate him from boss to a leader. We are privileged to have such a great guru like him.


Here are 42 qualities of our boss Mr. Ashish Dalia that makes him our favorite.

  1. He is Transparent
  2. He is Honest
  3. He is an Inspiration
  4. He keeps the Team Aligned
  5. He Encourages Growth
  6. He Boosts Innovation
  7. He is Fair
  8. He is a Mentor
  9. He shows Appreciation even if it is in a small way
  10. He Cares about the employee as a person
  11. He makes Work Fun
  12. He Values Employees’ Perspectives.
  13. He has a Clear Vision
  14. He develops Strong Teams
  15. He is Optimistic
  16. He is Cool
  17. He is a Role Model
  18. He shows Trust on us
  19. He is Open to Feedback
  20. He Prepares us for the Future
  21. He is Young at Heart
  22. He is Determined
  23. He makes us Believe in Ourselves
  24. He is an Excellent Leader
  25. He is Dynamic
  26. He Follows what he Preaches
  27. He Respects everybody
  28. He is a Source of Energy
  29. He is Creative
  30. He is an Influencer
  31. He is Down to Earth
  32. He Never Gives up
  33. He is Generous at Heart
  34. He always Thinks Ahead
  35. He has an Open-door Policy
  36. He gives Feedbacks
  37. He knows all his Employees Well
  38. He works Fearlessly
  39. He is Passionate
  40. He is a Port in the Storm
  41. He is the Best

To Mr. Ashish Dalia, today, we at IKF want to tell you how much we love you. You have been not only a great boss but also a best friend to all of us. We can share our thoughts and feelings without any hesitation. You unlock the hidden potential of each and every member of the IKF family. Thank you for being a part of our lives and being an amazing boss.

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