Top 10 Reasons Why Podcast Will Work in Your Content Marketing Strategy

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When Brandon Turner, a real estate entrepreneur decided to start a simple podcast on how to invest in real estate, he was taken aback with the response. A few hundred listeners per week had converted to a whopping 45,000 downloads per week! The icing on the cake being his show was downloaded more than 48 million times. The emergence and spread of the podcast in the marketing world has been astounding.

Podcast Content Marketing Strategy

A Podcast is characteristically a pre-recorded audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or a mobile device. Although not many download and listen to podcasts in India as compared to world statistics. But the scene is changing gradually. Businesses today are exploring ways to leverage growth prospects by introducing podcasts in their blog/website content.

Now, the pertinent question, in what way can you scale up your business with a podcast? Striking engaging conversations, interviews, expert tutorials, storytelling, news sharing, announcements etc., are some popular ways to reach your target audience. Let us explore the reasons why podcasting is likely to be a choice in your content marketing strategy.

  1. Tremendous Potential Growth- A content that is free from erratic rants, focused on solid appealing content & less commercialization is why listeners are switching to podcasts. Though the podcast scene in India is at a nascent stage, some major pod-casters see it as the future. Rajesh Tahil, co-founder of Audiomatic, in a media interview predicts that the listener base is about a million or so, but he foresees this to grow ten-fold in the next couple of years which will bring in both the revenue and the investment.
  1. Full Attention of Listeners: Most people gloss over your blog for 3 to 5 minutes, that’s it! In case they find it interesting they read on. Unlike blogs, people listen to podcasts for a long duration; usually it is 30 minutes or even an hour.
  1. Enjoyment through Mobility: Necessarily, the listeners may not be sitting at a place and listening. They can multi task, like, clean houses, travel, workout etc. Podcasts hold extreme mobility.
  1. Appeals through Senses – A perfect marketing mix has the capacity to allure a customer into their product by appealing them through senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch & taste. The storytelling format in Podcasting can achieve all these, meanwhile leaving the listener to imagine greatness at his/her own pace.
  1. Establishes Expertise – By podcasting at regular intervals on a subject, pod-casters not only affirm their expertise on the subject matter but also draw a reliable and authentic group of listeners.
  1. Increased Web Traffic – With the mundane blogs doing the rounds on popular websites, a compelling voice sharing brief news, gripping the listener through storytelling, or an inspiring interview of a coveted celebrity, businesswoman of the year etc. can attract a size-able audience to your website.
  1. Enhances Influential Relationships – Just imagine, a pioneer, an established entrepreneur, politician, bureaucrat, scientists, or highly qualified professionals may approach you after having heard of your convincing voice over the digital panorama. This in turn ascertains significant relationship with such individuals. You may get lucky enough to get them for an interview or they may end up buying what you sell best.
  1. Economical & Easy to Produce – Podcasting allows for the distribution of information in the form of audio & video to an audience whenever they want it, wherever they want it and however they want it. In many ways podcasting is a viable and economical tool for publicizing your brand product. No matter the format of your audio, there is free technology available to make listening possible, such as Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime, VLC media player or Winamp.
  1. You are Distinct from Competitors – Not only you have access to new audiences over the internet but also are able to engage with the current customers in new ways. People learn better through certain mediums. While you think of setting yourself apart from your competitors, the content should be strong and precise; your delivery of speech and technical soundness like speech enhancement, noise gate, compression must be checked before you take on the mike.
  1. It is the future – The concept of video podcasting is the future. A smart combination of video and podcast (vodcast) helps build businesses by means of virality. Through video podcasts, businesses both large and small can advertise their merchandise and services in a fresh, cost-effective way. No more we require expensive studios where sophisticated advertisements are produced, but now even the smallest businesses can create high-quality media with just a camera, editing software and the Internet.

If you have a great idea and think that podcasting can be an appropriate media to reach to your client base, then IKF is just a call away. We will help you create and boost a podcast in various ways and on diverse platforms.