Rebranding Your Business With Digital Marketing During Covid-19

Primary goals of digital marketing by digital marketing company in India

As the pandemic coursed through its path, your business has been efficiently adapting to various changes and anomalies. You created different strategies for reaching out to clients, a different pricing model or may be a relaxed policy for added services. As an SEO company in Mumbai , we believe that every business is doing its best to survive the pandemic by being as flexible as they can, so that they come out strong in the post-pandemic future.

Why Rebrand?

Just like that, consumers have also changed their mindset in terms of spending and allocating budgets for various aspects. They’re looking for companies that are forward thinking, ready for new paradigm shifts and open to new ideas. As a business, you’ve invested tremendously in creating a friendly environment for your clients, by setting up an efficient Work-From-Home process, making your services more flexible, increasing customer support and so on. In short, you’ve worked hard to make it easier for customers to do business with you during these hard times. As a leading digital marketing company in India, we believe this is something you need to communicate to your consumers right away. Not just to your existing clientele, but to every potential customer.

The main reason for telling this to your consumers, is to create an image. An image that says your brand is agile, adaptable and forward thinking. But this is not just one message. It’s a whole rebranding strategy you need to develop and execute, in order to organically build a new brand image. You need to create an omnichannel presence for today’s customers for them to retain the message you are trying to give out. That means, using every popular channel and platform for running your ads.

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Using Digital Marketing for rebranding campaigns?

Digital is the place where everyone is. Whether it’s a product launch, a website launch or a re-branding for that matter, everything kicks off in the digital world. It is the center stage for all your ad campaigns. Using digital marketing is the only way to build a 360-degree presence for your new brand.

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Let’s take a look at various benefits of using digital marketing for your rebranding campaigns;

1. Cheaper than traditional marketing:

Traditional channels, like newspaper ads or TV ads cost a lot as the number of options and media space is limited. Digital, on the other hand, comes with no physical constraints and discriminations. Every advertiser can have his/her own prime spot and limelight, and therefore, its much cheaper to run ads on digital platforms.

2. Real-time updates:

Every action or reaction can be monitored and analysed in detail on digital platforms. Digital enables marketers to evaluate the performance of every ad in context to various target audiences, all in real-time, along with making ad-hoc adjustments to campaigns in case if something doesn’t work.

3. Stronger engagement:

Why go with one type of ad when there are multiple platforms? From customized mobile ads to targeted emailers, digital marketing allows you to create a unique world of personalized ads where you can build custom ads as per various target audiences and goals. This way, you can ensure that the engagement is strong and the probability of conversion is more.

4. Quick

On digital platforms, everything happens instantly. Once your ads are ready, just click the button and your ads are everywhere. They are viewable on every device and every platform, at the very moment you publish them. This way, people can start responding to them right away and can spread them very quickly from one platform to another.

5. Device Strategy:

The lifestyle imposed by COVID-19 taught us how to fully harness the potential of mobile devices. People are now understanding that anything from mails, chats and browsing can be done on mobile devices too. That means there are going to be a lot of searches coming in from mobile devices, in the post-pandemic period. As an SEO company in India, we believe that creating mobile-specific rebranding campaigns for SEO and also social media, would be highly beneficial as you can provide mobile users with an optimized experience.
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