Responsive Web Design- One Size Doesn’t Fit For All

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Today users switch between devices like it is nobody’s business. In the morning, you could visit a website from your laptop and an hour later, you could be viewing the same site from your smartphone. That’s why it is taken for granted that a website has to be fluid – so that whatever device the user is on, the website design should adapt itself to that particular device.


Surely not an easy task. But not something that can’t be done with the help of a good, responsive web designing agency.

Enter Responsive web design – meaning a website that is built with a user interface that responds positively by adapting itself to any device.

Exit hand coded values in favor of fluid, situational rules.

These designing styles enable a website viewing experience that can automatically adapt itself to the device on which it is being viewed. It does not matter whether the user is visiting the website from his smartphone, desktop, laptop or a wide screen – the experience is always the same across – great.

The below screenshots show how a website adapts itself for a great viewing experience.

responsive-web-design-screenshotImage Source :

The owner of a website with a responsive design need not bother on which device the visitor is viewing the site. He can rest assured that whatever device the user is on, his website is fully equipped to respond positively by adapting to that particular device.

Yet, a responsive design may not work every time. A business entity may have to present content and functionality that’s completely different for different devices. In that case, it would make sense to build each version as a separate site.

For example, a user visiting an airline’s website from a desktop at home and from a mobile at the terminal might have completely different needs. Which is why it is good to maintain a sense of continuity across all screen sizes, so that finding his way around should never be something he should worry about.

What ultimately matters is how your site works for your end users. Rest assured, you will be in good shape if you can reduce loading time so that the site loads and functions speedily, coupled with a user interface that is consistent across devices.

What does all this mean for website owners?

Website users are now becoming more flexible than ever. That is exactly why website creators must be equally flexible. This calls for a bit more time, planning and effort early on, since multiple UI’s must be tested rather than one. Done properly though it will save time in the long run by enabling tweaking of a UI rather than build from the ground up.

Are you looking to develop a website that responds to your visitors irrespective of which device they are logging in from?

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