SEO-Friendly ways to Improve your Content Discoverability

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It is tempting to imagine your content grabbing all the attention as soon as it’s live but the truth is, the struggle to provide excellent content marketing doesn’t end with content creation; instead that’s where it begins!

Viral distribution of content today is the holy grail of social media marketing but it’s definitely not an easy battle to win against the perpetual, massive flow of information. Having been in the digital world for two decades, working as a search engine optimization agency in Pune, IKF understands the role of discoverability of your content. Before your content goes viral, you have to make sure that it is discoverable. To achieve this you need to adopt essential tactics that ensure your content reaches your target audience. Attention to the fundamentals of SEO considerably takes some of the pressure off the initial connection. But, you need to go a step further in order to make your content more discoverable.

Here it’s vital to understand the bleak line of difference between SEO and discoverability. While SEO is the long term strategy to enhance the brand’s opportunity for discoverability, discoverability is the about establishing connection with the relevant audience by making your content easily available.

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Let’s analyze some of the effective ways by which you can improve the discoverability of your content and make your offerings more visible and accessible to your prospective customers:

  • Create Right Content and Place it Well: Make sure the content you are creating is relevant and useful to your targeted audience. Working as a SEO company in Pune for substantial period, we emphasize on creation of well-researched content that holds value for the viewers. It might seem to be time consuming but it will definitely pay off better against time wasted on irrelevant content that does not deliver. Also, it is important to house your content rightly by placing it on sites and pages that draw the audience you wish to tap.
  • Break Down your Content into More Readable Format: Large blocks of content often discourage readers as well as search engines. Hence, it is always better to break up your content into a more comprehensible format that is easily compatible even with small screens like mobile phones. Try distributing your media blocks throughout the text to break up the monotony of textual display and encourage viewers to read. Interesting and transparent headlines too work favorably for your website content. So, make sure not to ignore these tit bits.
  • Exploit Social Media Channels: Known for offering excellent services in the field of digital marketing in Pune, we admit that social media is a key part of our proactive content marketing approach. When a reader likes content, he/she wishes to share the same with others. Here, the easier it is for the consumer to share, the better are the chances of viral transmission of the content. With more emphasis on mobile access and social networking site, the websites with social connects definitely enjoy greater advantage.
  • Be Consistent with Quality Content Generation: If you know about the basics of content marketing you must be aware that constant content up gradation boosts search engine rankings. When Google algorithms find constant publication attached to your site, the newer content too has better chances of online visibility. The readers too start relying on your content and are encouraged to share it.

Established as a reputed SEO agency in Mumbaiand Pune, we believe that good content discoverability is the cornerstone of a successful online business. Delivering the brand message to the reader is as important as the producing high quality content. If you are looking forward towards improving the discoverability of your content for your target audience, then you have come to the right place. Backed with a team of content marketing experts and commitment to exceed the excellence, we are here to help you. Our time tested techniques and innovative approach will make your buyer’s journey to your website a smoother and pleasant one. So, just connect with us for a rewarding experience!