SEO vs. PPC Which Is Better For My Business

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SEO and PPC are the digital marketing strategies that are pretty much in practice these days. However, there is a lot of debate regarding the effectiveness of one over other. Some folks believe in the ‘slow n steady’ approach of SEO while propagators of PPC vouch for its overnight success rate. In this article, let us compare SEO vs PPC and try to find out if either of these strategies wins hands down.
SEO vs. PPC – Some Considerations
Let us first understand the basic working principle behind the two strategies. SEO or Search Engine Optimization relies on natural/organic rankings by the search engine. The better the ranking, the better visibility, hence more chances of a user clicking on your link. PPC or Pay Per Click is ‘paid’ as the name suggests. In this strategy you buy an ad space on the search engine and your sponsored links keep running until your budget expires. Now let us see how these strategies can affect businesses.
SEO vs. PPC – Which Is Better For My BusinessSEO vs PPC Which Is Better For My Business
It is impossible to pick one over the other when it comes to selecting a strategy for your business. The selection would largely depend upon the type of your business, the return on investment that you are looking for, your budget and available time at hand. Let us consider each of these factors one by one.
SEO strategies typically takes months to reflect on search engine results page. PPC on the other hand assures instant visibility. Once you start bidding on the ad space, you get the visibility on various target key words for as long as you keep bidding. But once your budget gets exhausted, you lose all the visibility. SEO is the most natural or organic way of getting ranking through search engines. If the search engine finds your pages to be most relevant then you will stay there for a long time, garnering more visibility, hence more page visits.
PPC has about 1.5 times more conversion rate than SEO. SEO is largely at the mercy of a search engine. With PPC you can target multiple keywords and create unique call to actions. You can have multiple landing pages for the same keyword and test which fetches more traffic, in the run time. Feedbacks, phone numbers, emails and social media access gained through PPC helps you to instantly generate leads.
PPC is paid campaign. You keep running your ad until your budget gets exhausted. Depending upon your keywords, every click may cost you an amount ranging from few paise to several thousand rupees. However, that does not imply that SEO is free of cost. SEO can only fetch you traffic if it is done properly. This means you need to hire an expert or an SEO company to manage your SEO.
Type of Business:
If you are into a business where business dynamics change overnight, then you would possibly benefit from PPC. Real estate project launches, events etc. need instant visibility, which can be assured only through a PPC campaign. However, if you are more inclined towards brand building, then you ought to seek SEO.
SEO and PPC work best when combined together. Both these strategies need superior quality of content to drive them. An internet marketing company can expertly handle all these strategies effectively and give you better results.