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Festive season is round the corner! It's time to celebrate and make memories.An important part of all this celebration is shopping. Do you know that every year during festive months businesses make bumper sales as customers go on spending splurge?According to Festive Shopping Index 2019, a study conducted by LitmusWorld and Retailers Association of India (RAI), 89% of consumers actively looked to shop during the festive season with 76% of them opting for eCommerce as their preferred medium.Now that’s a big number and a golden opportunity for businesses to cover up their entire year's revenue lag.As a digital marketing company in Pune, IKF suggests capitalizing this festive season by tailoring your marketing strategy aptly. Amidst all the competition, make some real profits by offering great deals and excellent customer experience. Employ dedicated and innovative marketing tactics to cut through the noise and let your brand shine.Quick Tips to Fuel your Ecommerce Festive Sales.Witness your sales and profits skyrocket with following tips Offer seamless mobile experience: Smartphones and tablets are biggest sales drivers, especially during festival seasons. Hence, to attain maximum sales benefit ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Your campaign should center around creating adaptive designs so that your website is easily accessible through any device.Speed and frictionless mobile experience are the two major factors that fare on top of online shopper expectations. So, make sure you don't miss out on them. Hire experts from the top-rated web development company in India like IKF to optimize your web design for devices.Create an appealing landing page with a unique festive theme: ’Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai’, an old saying that has really stood the test of time. Build an attractive and engaging landing page that instantly grabs the attention of your online visitors. Customize your web page layouts/designs to embrace the festive mood. Just like you decorate your home during special occasions, refurbish your digital presence to make it standout.Think of adding a holiday-themed background image/photo to your shop or custom logo especially designed for the upcoming festivities. Put a list of the slideshow of the best discounts and offers available on the website. These are small measures to spread festive cheer that can go a long way in luring visitors.Use social media to promote your brand deals & offers : As experts of social media marketing, we understand the importance of preparing marketing grounds well in advance. Leverage social media platforms to reinforce your campaigns. Run festive season contests on social media channels to create a buzz. Display reasons why visitors shouldn't miss out on your sale and highlight all the exciting surprises you have in store for them.Stay top of mind in the eyes of the customers.Keep posting relevant content that stirs interest and establishes you as a trusted authority.Design Cart abandonment campaign: From our experience as a digital marketing company in India, we conclude that cart abandonment campaigns can improve conversions significantly. It's a smart tactic that allows you to address the many reasons due to which the customer might leave their cart and help you initiate measures to not let the opportunities slip away.For instance, a customer may forget about your product or get distracted before checking out, even though they’re still interested. Sending a reminder could result in an easy conversion. Or, if your checking out process is too complicated and time consuming, the visitors may prefer to leave. Here, card abandonment campaigns will help you review the hurdles in the check out page and rectify the same to enhance customer satisfaction.Concluding thoughts: Today's customers are smart and have ample choices. So, you need to pull up your sleeves and put in genuine efforts to score points over your competitors. Remember festive months are golden quarters that can be exploited not only to bring in cash but also to build your customer base. Right approach and wise marketing strategies is all you need to make the most of this lucrative opportunity.The above tips merely scratch the surface of the broader ecommerce marketing plan. For more detailed and effective marketing solutions, get in touch with the IKF -I Knowledge Factory - the leading digital marketing agency in Pune. We’ll help you draft and execute a well-thought out marketing plan for the upcoming festive season that will bring you enormous business returns.Still on the fence? Don't wait any longer, we are here to help you!Call us today on +91 88888 66110 or drop a mail at for any query!

Ever wondered why social media ads are emphasized by digital marketers? Although you can attract many leads by posting quality content on social media platforms for free, using social media ads gives you an extra edge. When organic content is posted on social media, marketers cannot guarantee who will see it and how much engagement it will generate.

Social media ads equip you to reach your relevant audience directly while targeting new ones. It supports your organic content to have a stronger influence on the prospects. In this sense, we can state that organic content and paid content when used together can create the magic. If you already have great content that is organically reaching many people, then targeted social media campaigns can accelerate the extent of your content.

Most reputed companies hire top social media services for their brand awareness and brand promotion objectives. They understand the importance of engaging social media experts for earning long-term benefits. Reputed firms with vast industry experience like IKF – I Knowledge Factory enables you to design highly lucrative social media ad campaigns that perfectly align with your specific goals.

Whether you want to create stronger brand awareness for your existing customers or attract new prospects, generate more leads or persuade the audience to take the desired action, social media ads can prove to be a boon for your business.

Top 4 social media platforms that marketers bet on!

1. Facebook: It is one of the most popular social media platforms with billions of subscribers across the world. Besides its extensive reach, Facebook has an excellent visual appeal that makes it an appealing platform for posting your paid ads. Moreover, the detailed and multiple segmentation options provided by Facebook like location, interests, job description etc further simplify the route to reaching out to your targeted audience. With this platform, you enjoy the flexibility of presenting your ads in different formats that you find fit for your customers like videos ads, slideshow ads, story ads and many more.

2. Instagram: According to Instagram reports, 90% percent of Instagram users generally follow at least one business on the platform, and 50% percent declare that their interest in a business increases when they see their social ads on Instagram. Being one of the most vibrant social media platforms, Instagram users consume a large quantity of content on daily basis. And this reason is good enough to place media ads on this popular platform. Note that as a heavy image and video orientated platform, Instagram offers you the opportunity to incorporate attractive visuals into social media ads to get better results.

Social Media Platforms

3. LinkedIn: With over 756 million members across 200+countries and more than 57 million company users, LinkedIn is a social network that goes beyond hiring and recruiting drives. Having set its distinct professional outlook, it’s also a great platform to reach out to the corporate audience through B2B marketing. You can choose from sponsored ads, sponsored InMail and Text ads to connect with your audience. Remember that professionals are busy people hence keep your ad copy succinct with a clear Call to Action. If you fail on these counts, your prospects might miss out on signing up for your career-boosting webinar or buying your new product that could simplify their life.

4. Youtube: When talking of powerful social media platforms, we just can’t afford to miss out on YouTube. With nearly 2.1 billion users worldwide, Youtube is a thriving platform with ample opportunities to explore and exploit for business growth. Social media ads on YouTube allow you to reach a huge section of customers who might be interested in your product or service. With YouTube’s targeting options, you can target an ultra-specific group of users, or more general groups, based on what kinds of products you’re trying to sell. Note that it can take some trial and error to decide how to target your audience, but with an experienced social media company like IKF it gets easier to decide on the perfect targeting options for a successful campaign.

Easier said than done. The statement holds true for social media ad campaigns. Organic content needs the support of dynamic social media campaigns to set your business on a faster-growing track. But it’s certainly not an easy job.

As the users are bombarded with varied media content every day, it’s easy for a social media ad to get lost in the noise. If you want to gain consistent, scalable, quality leads and customers, you need to work on your media advertising strategy. This includes understanding your audiences, establishing clear-cut marketing goals, building robust content, testing your media ads and measuring your ad performances.

As the users are bombarded with varied media content every day, it’s easy for a social media ad to get lost in the noise. If you want to gain consistent, scalable, quality leads and customers, you need to work on your media advertising strategy. This includes understanding your audiences, establishing clear-cut marketing goals, building robust content, testing your media ads and measuring your ad performances.

Do you find all this information overwhelming? Well, just relax. Connect with the I Knowledge Factory social media team and we’ll line up things for you. A trusted brand for years, try our services for excellent results without any hassle.

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