Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid To Generate More Traffic

3 min read

Social media has become one of the famous tools not just for sharing your thoughts but also to share brand awareness, products and services across different platforms. Every business is adopting social media in their day-to-day operations.

Relying on the wrong platform/using only Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most used social media platforms in the recent past. However, it is not the only platform to promote your business or website.  It may be useful for your personal profile but from business or SEO perspective, you need to engage on other social media networks as well. There are other professional networking sites including LinkedIn, Google plus and many more.

Avoiding the Trend

Your business must showcase what the audience wants to hear. No one is interested to see the same posts/updates again and again. Social media is about trends and not just about the business. For Example, Check it our IKF video on Guru Purnima that is trending and still going viral ( This shows that business can’t go on with just a regular posts.

Targeting Wrong Audience

Social media is not about throwing anything to get sales, interactions and traffic. Target audience is a particular group of customers who is going to use your product or services and ultimately going to share and respond and create buzz. Therefore, targeting wrong audience will kill your efforts.

No Visual Content

According to research, people react 40% more to visual content rather than to plain or written text.  By not using visual content you are losing major audience.

*Tip: Try to include videos, GIF’s and images to your posts to get more reach and visibility.

Proceeding Without proper Plans/Strategy

Analyze your industry, audience, goals before proceeding. You might want to ask yourself few questions like:

  • Who are your targeting audience?
  • Type of content they want
  • Best time to post
  • Competitors strategy

*Tip: Analyze your demographics, analyze your target audience and analyze your competitors.


This is one of the main reason you are not getting relevant or any traffic on your social media networks. People throw irrelevant links to all the social media platforms that are not related to the topic anyway. They never work at all.

*Tip: Provide the relevant link(s) and create relevant landing page.

No interaction with audience

Social media is a platform where things happen in real quick time. Not replying or ignoring your customers is not good sign. We need to grab this opportunity and show them that you care about your audience and customers opinions.

Lengthy posts and too many hash-tags

Unnecessary and lengthy posts can cause your social media traffic to lose their interest to convert. No one has time to read the lengthy posts. People want short and descriptive information so that they get more from a bit.
Too many hashtags can kill your post. Also, engagement gets diverted if you use too many hashtags in your caption.

*Tip: Try to finish your post within the length of 80 characters, keep it short, descriptive and informational. Use proper Hashtags, try not to use more than 2-3 hashtags in your posts.

Final Thoughts

Converting social media traffic is not an easy task. There are plenty inane mistakes that businesses do. Avoiding these mistakes can bring ample number of conversion and traffic. However, if you have other tips to share, please do not forget to share it with us on comment section below.