Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2020

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Social media has taken the world by storm and it’s impacting almost every corner of our lives. According to several reports more than 90 percent of millennial are using atleast one of the social media platforms and not less than 85 percent of generation Z is learning about new products through social media. It’s not difficult to reason out why marketers and businesses are thronging to social media platforms.

Being a thriving digital marketing company in India, we understand the growing influence of social media and the existing competition. It will be really challenging to stand out from the digital crowd if you fail to keep a track of the evolving trends in social media. In order to fuel your marketing strategies check out the biggest trends of social media in 2020. Here we have enlisted some of them for you:

1. Ephemeral content will rise:

Ephemeral content is the content that is available only for short duration. Snapchat and Instagram stories are examples of such types of content. It is being predicted that this format will gain more popularity on social media. Owing to the short attention span of the viewers and changed preferences over the type of content they consume, substantial rise in short and engaging stories are imminent. Having taken this into account, every marketer and social media marketing company in India and across the globe is likely to use this to their advantage.

2. No ‘like’ button on Instagram:

Recently Instagram has come up with the proposal of removing the likes feature from the posts. You will no longer be able to see the number of likes other Instagram posts get, although you can see the likes on your posts. The logic given is that the number of likes is being equated with a person’s social value and such validations can be detrimental to people’s mental health. Being one of the largest social networks, it will definitely impact the social media landscape. So, marketers, influencers and brands will have to find ways to adapt to this major change.

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3. Niche social platform will perform:

Facebook and Instagram have long dominated the social platform but now there are niche social media platforms that are rising to fame. TikTok is one such social media disruptor that is currently leading the way, especially with Gen Z users. There are several other alternative social media platforms that are wooing more and more users. The trend is likely to bolster further.

4. Personalized content will increase:

Personalization has been a global trend for many years but it’s still a new one for social media platform. Marketers are using this in their social media ads for different consumer segments. The advanced customization options allow the brands to show their relevant ads to the right people at the right time. A digital marketing company in Pune, IKF also endorses the concept of personalized content as it ensures positive outcome.

5. Video content will become dominant:

Video content will be a clear winner over all types of other content. Be it short videos like stories and endorsements or longer ones on YouTube, videos will dominate the social platform. Hence, it is important that you also incorporate interesting and relevant videos in your content strategy.

6. Technology adoption will be high:

As the social media platform becomes more sophisticated to meet the expectations of the evolving consumer preferences, there will be a significant rise of technology adoption. Augment Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will witness broader usage. Brands will leverage augmented reality to provide enhanced shopping experiences to their customers. Sephora, for instance, is a big beauty brand that has long used AR to allow its customers to try on makeup before buying. While this capability has been on their mobile app for a long time, they have also launched it for Facebook. Working as a Facebook marketing company in Pune, we believe that these technologies will take businesses closer to the audiences and help winning their confidence.

7. Influencer marketing will amplify:

Influencer marketing is not a new trend but it will certainly become more intense. While there will always be market for big influencers, the marketers will collaborate with a network of relevant niche and micro influencers who have smaller but better defined audiences.

8. Local targeting will be more prevalent:

Local targeting will gain momentum. Several brands are already using local-based targeting tactics to reach out to the people of specific geographic location. Geo-tagging in posts and stories is one of the ways that draws-in local audience. Brands can use this geo-tagging to inform about their events as well as for advertising their products to a relevant, local audience.

So, keep abreast with all the latest development in social media to stay ahead of your competitors. To ace your social media game, connect with the leading Digital marketing agency in Mumbai, IKF. A seasoned player in digital marketing field, we can help you leverage these trends to your advantage.