Mobile Is Now a ‘Behaviour’ Not a ‘Device’

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The mobile technology has become a must-have necessity in the modern life. From smartphones to newly recently released wearable tech, mobile technology is evolving every day.
The whooping surge of mobile users and their reliance on mobiles in their daily life is a predicament of things to come. Mobile technology will be evolving rapidly in the years ahead and so would the marketing on it. Here’s what the digital marketing firms can anticipate the future of mobile search to be as:
Better voice search
With Google, Apple and other Smartphone companies utilizing their own voice search models (Google Now & Apple’s Siri), the users expect better functionality and understanding from these Artificial Intelligence software.  The voice searches lead users to a web search result where the users are then asked to take over the navigation. While Google cards utilizes the preferences of a user and give them suggestions based on their prior search patterns, there is always a room for improvement. With the help of Google Now Cards you can get the precise information at the precise time without even searching for it.
Proactive results
The effectiveness of search programs lies in how they simplify the whole process. The proactive results like time to work, weather updates, travel suggestions etc. are designed to help an individual based on his location.
Better Content & Accelerated Mobile Pages
Nowadays, every mobile user expects the web pages to load faster on their mobile web browsers as it does on their computers. Research says that around 29% of Smartphone users will promptly divert to another website or app if it takes too long to load and isn’t compelling; and that’s where Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages  (AMP) comes into picture.  AMP is a new concept introduced lately by Google to create web pages for static content that renders fast. I.e. if you back-up your website with AMP technology, it will load faster and will optimize mobile experience, plus it will give your website a boost in ranking as page speed is now of the ranking factors. So buckle up to get your website AMPed. The SEO experts are already proactively shaping up the leading websites in the country to load quickly & to be more laced with quality content that is easily distinguished by mobile users too.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Effect
Location-based Content Marketing
Location-based marketing allows digital marketers to reach out to individual users with multimedia content directly. The content too is delivered specifically based on their GPS location and is more relevant to users. Also, more than 50% of adult users use their phones to help their purchasing decision while in a store. Location based marketing is only expected to grow in prominence in the years ahead.
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So what do you think would be the future of mobile search in next coming years? Do let me know your thoughts in our comments section below.