Tips ensuring Re-branding does not Destroy Your SEO

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Rebranding might seem to be a formidable task but at times it becomes a necessity and you can’t do away with it. One of the primary issues that often business owners fear about rebranding is the potential risks it poses to their SEO rankings. As experts of digital marketing, offering SEO services in India for two decades, we understand your concern about rebranding impacts on your SEO.

Fortunately, you can heave a sigh of relief as rebranding does not necessarily lead to negate all your previous SEO efforts. But, for this you certainly have put in extra effort and do lot of legwork.

Here are few tips that can ensure minimal negative impact on your SEO when you plan to change your company name or product name.

Avoid changing your original domain name:

When you decide to change your company name you stand to lose a significant share of search engine traffic. So, try to keep your domain name as close to the original one as possible like adding or changing only few parts that need to give your business the desired makeover. If you think there is need to change the domain name completely to start afresh, read the next tip about preserving the original content.

Keep up the original content:

In case you completely need to revamp your website and business name, try to preserve your original content wherever feasible. Working as digital marketing company in India, we often suggest our clients not to discard the old content completely instead creatively use the old stuff for the building a more useful and relevant content. Even minor details like font and headers can make a lot of difference. The main objective behind replicating to the original version is to avoid losing authority and authorship that you build over the years and to which your audiences relate to.

Maintaining old website even if for short time can be productive:

In SEO rebranding world, there exists disagreement about the duration for which the old website can be preserved. While some say it is perfectly fine to maintain the previous website permanently others are of the opinion that it’s a futile attempt. However, there is one point over which all experts including the specialists from our SEO agency in Mumbai & Pune unanimously agree is that an old site should not be immediately taken off after the new one is launched. This is because it can take servers several days to recognize th e new IP address. So, if you delete your old site soon after your new website launch you could ruin all your hard work. It’s always safe to leave it up for few days.

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Don’t forget to use redirects:

Be it changing your company name or product name, you have to do lot of URL redirecting work. Ensuring optimum user experience, you will require redirecting every page from your old site to the corresponding web page of the new website. Your task will become lot easier and simpler if you maintain the same website and URL structure. But, in case your site has different pages and URL structures you will have to redirect old pages to the most relevant pages of the new website. For better understanding and smoother execution, you can create a spreadsheet with the URLs for the old site in one column and the URLs for the new site in another column. This might seem to be time consuming but it definitely offers great results.

Promote your new brand across all social channels:

Offering digital marketing services in Mumbai and Pune, we believe that rebranding should be followed with proper social media marketing strategies. Let all your social media sites talk about your new brand. Well, we understand that each social media platform has its own limitations that can make your online marketing a bit challenging but the experts (like that of IKF) know exactly how to leverage the different social media tools and channels to your advantage. You can always take their help.

From the above points you must have got an idea of what can actually work for your business when planning for rebranding. However, for a successful rebranding it’s always better to consult digital marketing experts who understand the nuances of the online presence.

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