Effective Tips to Make Your Customers Love Your Brand

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Companies strive to become profitable. But profit is the result of customer appreciation that showers their love for a brand or product by purchasing it, using the product or service and then by becoming its lifetime customers.tips-to-make-your-customers-love-your-brand
According to BI Intelligence’s new Customer Service Report, 60% of US consumers have not completed an intended purchase based on a bad customer service experience. That’s equivalent to an estimated $83 billion in lost sales for US retailers. Also it takes 12 positive customer experiences to negate the poor impression left behind from one unresolved, bad experience. Creating a brand and offering quality customer service is therefore crucial for any company.

Here are a few measures for an effective brand reputation management that will resonate with your audience:

List your attributes: What is the reason you think that your products will be appreciated? Why does your company exist and what will be your brand’s attributes? How would you want your customers to say about your brand?

Treat them right: Delight your customers by building happy experiences for them. Show that you value the human angle of doing business and you are here to listen to them. A happy customer will share their delightful experience with your brand with four to six other people resulting in a viral word of mouth publicity.

Define your prospective customers and the benefits: One of the integral steps for brand reputation management is defining your target audience.Who will be your target customers and what unique benefits will you leverage them? What are tangible and intangible benefits associated with your brand? These brand loyalists will be the one who will anticipate your products launches month in advance, pre-book your products and drive across states to partake in your events.

Respect them: Respect your target audience to ensure brand reputation management. While a happy customer will use the word of mouth publicity to your benefit, a dissatisfied customer will readily use it against you. Ensure your customer service representatives are prompt, courteous and friendly. Nearly 1/3rd of consumers acknowledge receiving bad customer experience once in a month. Among them, nearly 58% of these users will share this negative experience with their friends. Acknowledge your mistakes or take efforts to make the wrong, right.

Listen to what they have to say: Hear what positive or negative experiences your customers have to say. Adhere to their feedback. This will only make your customers love you more. Try creating conversations and engage them in dialogues. You could use social media, surveys, focus group and other measures to gather their valuable inputs.

Forge partnerships: Treat your customers like a valuable partner for you. Truly appreciate their feedbacks and let them know that their opinions matter to you. Be proactive in taking necessary measures to work on the feedback received.

Be trustworthy: You want to gain trust among your customers. Using brand reputation management techniques like research, effective communication, etc. you can forge a sense of trust among your consumers. Keep them informed about future decisions so that they don’t feel betrayed when a major announcement is made by your company.

Be transparent: Be honest and transparent in your functioning. From honestly accepting mistakes to being transparent about receiving flak and being open to conversations, you will slowly gain the respect of your customers and build a great brand that they all love.
In a nutshell, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are the two main points on which your business will run. If you are not able to give them any of these it may turn up as negative for your business.