Top 5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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‘Social Media’ has become the buzzword in marketing field. Everyone who is enthusiastic about trying newer marketing tools is gung ho about the efficacy of social media marketing. As per the data available for 2015, the number of social media users exceeds 2 billion. Most of the users avail social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Naturally, social media marketing activities also revolve around these three giants. Over 1.8 billion people contribute to Facebook users worldwide, with an average time spend close to 3 hours a day. Thus, you can imagine the potential of social media marketing tools to reach a large community.
Top 5 Benefits of Social Media MarketingBenefits of social media marketing
Over the time, social media marketing has emerged as a powerful tool of marketing and brand building. It has shown a number of benefits over conventional marketing techniques. Around 80% people refer to social media channels before making a purchase. Of these, 50% make a choice that is highly influenced by social media verdict. Thus, social media has a great potential to create a solid online presence for brands. Some of its advantages are as follows.
Ability to Reach Target Audience
Conventional marketing or bulk marketing lacks focus. It is highly unorganized, hence often does not reach the intended users. Social media marketing on the other hand is extremely targeted and well focused. Since, you chose our target audience you can align your marketing activities as per the taste of your audience. You can study and analyze your audience in greater details and only display content which could appeal to them.
Cost Effective
Bulk marketing is expensive. With social media marketing you can streamline your marketing efforts only to a select group of people. This means, you can considerably reduce your marketing cost. You can choose a social media platform as per your budget and requirements, thereby cutting down on overall marketing cost.
Results Are Measurable    
When you implement a social media marketing strategy, the results are instantly visible. Tools such as Google Analytics can help you understand if your social media efforts are going in right direction. You can measure these results and check if the concerned strategy works for your brand or not. If yes, you can repeat it, if no, you can refine and then implement it.
Better ROI
The leads generated via social media marketing are often viable. Thus, it would be safe to assume that social media offers better ROI than most conventional marketing tools. Besides, your social media activities also help in lead generation through your website or other means.
Customer Loyalty 
The main aim of social media marketing is to connect with your potential customers. The activities primarily focus upon establishing your brand and creating a community of loyal customers. The communication through social media is often interactive and two-way. Thus, you can gauge your customer’s response and realign your marketing activities.
There is no doubt that social media marketing rules the roost when it comes to online marketing. Digital marketing agencies can help you to harness the vast potential of social media channels. Write to us if you are interested in social media marketing for your business.