Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Hostels

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A hostel is a place where like-minded bachelors stay together. These individuals require accommodation that is feasible in terms of money and convenience as most of the time they spend outside. Looking at this trend, the real estate industry is taking a paradigm shift and opening up a new avenue of business for new startups, landowners and people who mainly depend on rental income.

Being in the digital marketing industry I have been getting enquiries coming through at I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd., of people asking for hostel’s reach among the professionals and how they could increase their members on the digital platform. Hostels like Arusha, Zolo Stays, etc. have already started investing a lot in digital marketing.

Here are a couple of key steps which I recommend as part of starting phases of digital marketing for hostel facility.

  1. Build a professional website giving clear information about your hostel, lighting, room, and amenities.
  2. Illustration of important features like location map, nearby bus stop, railway station, auto stand on the website plays a critical role.
  3. Get active on social media platforms like Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp group to promote your hostel.
  4. There are many parent groups available on Facebook. You can join so that you can do the promotion of your hostel and infrastructure directly among target audiences.
  5. Create a Whatsapp group of all the roommates; and a separate group of their parents, this would help them to leverage your brand communication across.
  6. Get active on LinkedIn as you can connect with audiences you desire and you can influence them to take admission in your hostel.
  7. At a point when the hostel is open for admission, availing the Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and even Instagram will always help you generate enquiry through the internet.
  8. Writing blogs also helps in the long run as they help you create a good amount of traffic on the website even on your social media pages.

Having said that, the information mentioned above are all for the beginners so that they can do it to start with. But as you progress, you need to increase the volume of your business to approach professionals as they take your business to another level.

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